New Moon in Taurus 🌱

Happy New Moon, my loves! 🌚 This New Moon in Taurus is a grounding, peaceful and loving Moon. The energetics are potent! I've actually been feeling them for a couple of days because I'm so emotionally attached to this lunar cycle. I've been manifesting big time and been time traveling from the present to the future off and on these past few weeks and had a really hard time grounding myself because of this. But Taurus really helps. And that's why I wanted to share a little bit about grounding today.

But why is grounding important? Well, in today's society we live a lot in our heads. And society is ruled by a goal oriented, fast paced mind structure. We rarely tap into our intuition or take a pause to connect to the Earth. We simply don't think we have time - or we are completely unaware that we need to and should take time. We've become detached from our true nature as human beings.

Grounding is good for e v e r y o n e. Living in the present moment, feeling in tuned with oneself and being able to operate from a peaceful state is never in one's disfavor. In practice it basically means to root oneself and energetically connect to the Earth; Mother Nature. And there are different ways to do this. The most advised practice is probably to take walks in nature, forest bathing or just to sit in nature and meditate. When you are outside, amongst trees, it's a lot easier to connect with the Earth than when you're in an urban society, for example. But it's not at all a must. And if you can't get to the forest, or any type of nature on a regular basis I have another tip!

PLANTS! Surround yourself with plants! Buy plants, cultivate something and get your hands dirty in soil, replant your plants in bigger pots to give their roots more space to grow, water them, give them baths, talk to them - anything that makes you feel connected to them. The more plants you bring into your home, the more nature-like it will be. Fresh flowers is also a wonderful example of bringing nature inside.

To honor this New Moon I firstly took a long walk in the forest and it was pure magic. Spring is blossoming and I love seeing nature come alive during this season. I have the privilege to live nearby a nature reserve that is located just by a beautiful lake and I am so happy for that. Especially while working from home, it's such a nice break to go there and clear my head. Today I actually also hugged some trees. Go ahead, you can try it too. It's not as crazy as it sounds. 💚

And then I decided to replant some of the plants I bought for my balcony last week, as a grounding practice. At first I panicked - because I didn't want to get dirty or covered in soil - but after a while it was actually very satisfying! And I really enjoyed to tend to someone else for a change and making sure that the plants were comfortable and happy in their pots. (And then I got to vacuum my home as well which is one of the most satisfying things I can think of.)

The sign of Taurus is actually very much connected to home. Taurus loves to feel comfortable and safe and also loves to be surrounded with beauty and beautiful things. So tending to your home in any way is a wonderful practice right now. Cleaning, organizing, buying some new decorations, changing your curtains or refurnishing - whatever makes you feel good is good.

I hope you will enjoy this grounding New Moon. Utilize these few days to ground and get back to your roots. Reflect on what makes you feel balanced and centered, and how you can put these new ideas into practice to live a more balanced life in the future.

Happy New Moon!