I spent last weekend on the island of Gotland with my husband and two of our closest friends. We had rented a small cabin on the countryside to celebrate Midsummer and do some sightseeing to experience the magical island vibes.

I was quite traumatized from all the planetary action going on last week so when we arrived I had a hard time adjusting to the somewhat simple life elements of living in a cabin. I'm not afraid to admit it - I am really high-maintenance and I tend to get a little over dramatic when my hygiene and comfortability is compromised. I've really worked on this by trying to be adjustable and accepting the moment and situation I'm in by being non-reactive and all of those things but it's like I, instead of releasing all of my fears, turn off completely. So when I finally come home I am freaking exhausted. Anyone else with this issue? We could start a FB group and support each other... 😂

But nevermind that, my intention is not to complain. I had agreed to this trip and decided several months ago (upon booking it) that I was going to have a good time! Because I want to be more flexible when it comes to traveling and to be able to do fun things with my friends and experience new things. And sometimes you simply can't get the luxury hotel for many reasons. Maybe your economy doesn't allow it or (like in this case) a luxury hotel would not provide the countryside experience that is Swedish summer. So I arrived with the best intentions and high hopes for a wonderful weekend and if we disregard the weather I ended up having so much fun and doing so many cool stuff.

So what was the vibe on Gotland? My favorite part was the town of Visby and walking inside the bailey. It was so pretty and I loved the little town square with lots of cute restaurants and coffee shops. I also loved Fårö which was a small island in the north where they had magical beaches and amazing views. Unfortunately we didn't have time to experience everything but I would definitely go back some time in the future to explore more. And if and when I do I will book a cute hotel inside the bailey of Visby because it was so adorable!

As a Capricorn I definitely felt drawn to the rocky parts of the island. Gotland is specifically known for the column like landforms known as "rauk" or ("raukar"=plural). They have been formed by wave erosion and the Gotland rauks consist of limestone and were formed after the last ice age when waves battered against the cliffs, causing fractions and erosion. It looks pretty cool and I would say that the rauk fields on Gotland are a lot cooler than the ones on Öland (which I visited last year). The sea goat in me wanted to climb them but as I wasn't dressed appropriately for that kind of adventure, I had to stay on the ground this time.

What about Midsummer magic? I definitely noticed some magic in the air but it was quite subtle and more mysterious than romantic. Also we had a cloudy evening on Midsummer Eve so I didn't get to see either the Sun or the Moon. The day after was way better and we got to end it with a beautiful sunset from a cliff above the ocean. I didn't get the chance to pick any flowers or perform any rituals but being in the presence of the light and Amun-Ra was enough for me. 🌞 Overall, I am satisfied with the trip and now when I'm back home I look forward to many more sunsets and trips as Gotland really set the tone for the rest of the summer.