Living through dharma

December is all about establishing contact with the person you wish to live as, to become, in 2021. In my previous post I addressed the fact that I recently had realized my dharma, my purpose on this planet, and how I intended to start honoring myself by living and speaking my truth so that I can become fully aligned with that higher self and in turn, show up to serve. In order to fully connect with my higher self I decided to order the Yogic Path Journal and the accompanying card deck created by Sahara Rose. Sahara is a spiritual and ayurvedic coach and host of the Highest Self Podcast which is one of my absolute favorites and I listen to it every week. I have learned so much from her and her guest and I love how she is all about invoking your inner goddess. This has been such a struggle for me since I am all about being in that masculine energy of pushing and producing. But I'm slowly tapping in to that feminine side as well because that's where all the creativity hides.

So how does this journal work? Basically it contains twelve months of daily journaling prompts. The days come without dates so you can start using it whenever you like. In the morning you pull a card from the deck (to give you guidance), set an intention and practice gratitude. Then you return in the evening to reflect on how the day went, what you learned and what you're proud of. I love these kind of practices and actually I've been doing this ritual for several months in an empty journal but now it's more accessible. The journal also offers menstrual cycle tracking and monthly reviews/intention settings in accordance with your dharmic path. And I love that it has an ayurvedic approach since I've been practicing an ayurvedic lifestyle for about six years or so.

I just recently discovered my dharma to become a peace advocate and key figure in the disarmament movement. I am humble and proud to be here on this mission and I take it very seriously. In order to fully serve this purpose to humanity and our planet each day I need to feel my very best; to be in full alignment with my highest self. In the beginning my energy was all over the place because of all the intense realizations and downloads I was receiving. Now I feel a bit more grounded but I'm just getting started and I have so much work ahead of me. So this journal is the perfect little tool to incorporate in my daily routine. It's also so magically beautiful. Especially the card deck.

I actually decided to pull three cards giving us collective guidance for 2021.

1. Santosha = contentment. This card represents the hard work we've all been engaging in during 2020 and it's giving us permission to be proud and content with our collective effort. We're in this together and we're on the right path. And so this card allows us to relax and take a breather before embarking on the next journey. "Take in all that is around you - what you've co-created; how far you've come; how blessed you are; the people who love you; that you are safe, loved and supported by the Universe."

2. Ahimsa = nonviolence. This card represents our inner work; how we do our best to reach a state of inner peace in order to carry out our daily actions with love and compassion. "Overcoming your triggers facilitates growth. Each time you feel the voice of negativity come through, sing back to it words of ahimsa, compassion."

3. Ajna = third eye chakra. This card represents how to move forward. If we tap in to our inner wisdom, our intuition, we will always stay on the right path. By trusting our gut we can honor our soul and we will never have to fear falling out of alignment. If it feels right it usually is. So in times of confusion, ask your gut what to do and whatever gives you peace in mind is the way to go. On a collective level we need to take care of each other. Perhaps incorporating a more compassionate attitude is called for if you've been acting selfish for example. We are in this together and we can only create a positive outcome if we join forces. "Trust your intuition and keep moving forward. The path will continue to illuminate as you take the steps."

Are you ready for 2021? Did the collective guidance resonate with you? Are you also working on aligning with your dharma? Or maybe you're already living the dream? Please share down below! 🤍