Happy Full Moon, my loves! But that's not all - we're also finding ourselves in the energies of a Cazimi. So what is that? I certainly had never heard the term before but apparently Cazimi refers to a planetary alignment so close to conjunction to the Sun that they find themselves positioned in the direct center; the heart of the Sun. And the very planet in alignment with the Sun on 5 degrees in Aries is Venus - the planet of love. How magical is that?

Full Moon in Libra and Sun in Aries means that we have love, companionship and balance being questioned by individuality and independence. Personally I will take this time to reflect on how my relationships with others influence my own well-being. And to also see if there is any toxicity within those relationships that needs to be brought up to surface or simply release. Life is too short to have lingering resentment towards anyone or anything. Don't you agree?

So to summarize, this weekend (and some days prior and after) has had a wonderful mash of loving and joyful energies. Maybe you've felt the urge to meet friends or family, spend some quality time with your partner or to give yourself some extra self-love? I can certainly relate to all things mentioned because I happened to have my Moon in my fourth house as well, which is all about nurturing ones home, family and inner world. When I think back I actually had many family/friend encounters this week and I have been more talkative than ever before. Though today I am back to my introverted self. So I celebrated by making some cardamom latte and sitting down with my oracle cards and favorite crystals. After all, Full Moons are all about introspection and inner evaluation and I really needed that.

Are you celebrating this Full Moon? Share down below!