Full Moon prayer

Happy Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius! How are you all doing? The Full Moon has passed and the intense energies are slowly shifting (though eclipse season is still going strong). I don't know about you but I was feeling it all over. I am in a phase where I am transitioning into a completely new chapter in my life and so this past week has been all about tying up loose ends, finishing things up and preparing for what'll come next. I am really thankful that all of this happened during the Full Moon, which is a time of releasing and discarding what no longer serves, but it has also been very challenging. Sometimes it's hard to leave things behind. Not necessarily because you'll miss them but because the change itself requires a new routine and a new way of life. And for a typical Capricorn like me it's extra challenging to break a structure that has been a part of my life for so long. It's also a challenge to take a leap of faith into something unknown and to be present and grounded during that phase. But I've tried my best to honor this moment and this period in my life, to also be able to learn from it as well as enjoying it.

When I sat down to perform my ritual for this intense Full Moon I focused on the theme of Sagittarius which is freedom. I thought about what I needed to change in my current life so that I can feel more free and abundant. The concept of freedom is quite new for me, because I love structure, rules, lists and planning. I mean, I'm a person who is used to scheduling my play time for Christ's sake. 🙈 But lately I've realized that freedom is important because too much rigidity impedes with the creative process. And as I embark on my new adventure I need my creative channel to be wide open and fluid.

I also came across this really beautiful Full Moon poem on Instagram. I don't know who wrote it but I really want to share it because it's so potent and clear and perfect to recite when you're doing the "release-and-let-go" ritual. So I thought I'd share it below. I lit a candle for the first and second section and blew out the flame before continuing when the third as a way of showing Spirit that I am fully cleansed. But you do what feels most aligned for you, nothing is right and nothing is wrong! And this poem works for all Full Moon's or whenever else you feel like releasing bad energy.

Full Moon poem

I release and let go of all that no longer serves me from this space.

I release and let go of all stagnant energy that may dwell here and in this candle.

I clear and cleanse this space, only love and light live here.

My space is cleansed, my space is protected.

I am whole. I am protected.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Cycles come and cycles go,

it's time to watch this wheel unfold.

I cleanse myself from top to toe,

I cleanse myself so I can grow.

I release the energy that holds my heart,

I release the energy of the past.

I release this energy so I may shine,

I release this energy to the Divine.

I am cleansed, I am clear.

I am cleansed, I am clear.

I am cleansed, I am clear.

I honor the changes that have been made to my body, mind and soul.

I honor the changes of the season for I have grown.

I ask Mother Moon, my highest self, my angels, and my guides to lead me to my highest path so I may rise.

I rise up now to all that I have become,

I rise up now as strong as the Sun.

I ask for guidance, I ask for peace,

I ask for this next chapter to bring me release.

I ask for love, I ask for abundance,

I ask for purpose and for the courage to follow my heart;

to always be guided even when in dark.

I ask for health, I ask for joy;

I ask for all to be well.

Body, mind and soul; hear my calls.

My wish is now fulfilled.

All is well.

All is well.