The Full Moon in Aquarius is behind us. This is what my weekend looked like when I really tried to surrender my control issues, embody freedom and staying true to my authentic self. So... I became a unicorn! And the teachings from this weekend is basically that I think we all (Capricorns and earth signs in particular) need to have more fun! And for that to thank I have my completely free, liberated and uninhibited Sagittarius husband.

I have three planets in Sagittarius; Venus, Saturn and Uranus. That means that I 1. value freedom, love adventure and am a high spirited and outspoken/candid individual that loves being social and doing fun things 2. am prone to live out my dreams and wishes after my Saturn return; with the goal of becoming my highest self 3. am prone to unconventional, innovative and radical ways of thinking and processing information, a bit impatient and very generous within my spiritual practice. So my take is that I was destined meet my husband again in this lifetime to evolve these traits as I find my Capricorn mind being too controlling. So his influence has been extremely important in my personal development and journey ever since we met (which was about a year before both of our Saturn returns).

Just to give you an example: before we met I was so shy and insecure. I loved the idea of traveling but had only been on two vacation trips. One was a safe all-inclusive charter in Calabria and the other was a very spontaneous trip to Sicily thanks to another free-spirited friend of mine. After meeting my husband I was dragged along to all kinds of events and then we started traveling at least twice a year and now my kitchen door is filled with a crazy amount of ugly little magnets from every place we ever visited. So basically I've evolved into a travel butterfly during these 7+ years.

So what else did I do during this magical weekend? I spent a lot of time with my mom and we visited some of our favorite spots around my home town. I also ran my first 10 km after being injured for quite some time which made me so happy and I felt so free being able to move around as I please! On our last night we went picking blueberries that we later had for dinner. I absolutely LOVE Sweden during the summer. It is so magical and I am thriving in the warmth and in the sunshine. This season really invokes my inner sun being!

How was your Full Moon weekend and what teachings did you end up taking with you? Did you embody your authentic self? Did you prioritize freedom? Share down below! 🦋