Farewell, Saturn 🪐

As a Capricorn I've been living my life with Saturn over my shoulder now for quite some time. It's been a true struggle. I've shed my tears, I've fallen down and gotten back up only to repeat it over and over. I have learnt my lessons and shed my layers but again been tested; defeated in to relapses only to start from scratch all over again. 2020 has been trial and error deluxe for me and now, when there are only a few days left until we reach 2021 I am so amazingly grateful for everything Saturn has thrown my way - sometimes even straight in my face. It hasn't been beautiful but it has been necessary. Now I can stand tall. I know who I am. I know why I'm here. And most importantly, I know what I need to do to carry out my mission.

Saturn has been my favorite planet since I was little along with Jupiter. There is something special and mysterious about Saturn and his rings. Saturn is our solar system's second largest planet and the sixth planet from the Sun. He is about nine times the size of Earth and consists of hydrogen helium which basically means that he's a ball of gas. He reflects a pale yellow light from ammonia crystals in the upper atmosphere. The ring system consists of mainly ice particles and some debris of rocks and dust. Saturn has 82 Moons that we know of where the largest one is named Titan and he is the only Moon in our solar system with a substantial atmosphere. On the north pole of Saturn there's a hexagon shaped cloud pattern which we are not quite sure what it is yet but there are theories explaining this hexagonal geometric pattern to have a symbolic meaning dating back to ancient civilisations. The hexagon shape is also seen in old writings of both Islam and Judaism. (I'm obsessed with this topic but won't bring it up in detail right now because the blogpost would become never-ending.)

But who is Saturn on an astrological level? Well, he's often referred to as the Great Malefic but this is not really fair. Yes, his energy is really heavy and yes, he's quite harsh but not because he wants to harm us. Quite the opposite...

When we are born there are certain lessons for us to learn hidden in our astrological birth chart. Saturn is here to help us learn these lessons. He's the Teacher. And he is also the Hermit. When addressing Saturn's teaching we need to strip ourselves down to basically nothing. We need to stand lone and practice self-sufficiency. Even our rewards can only be supplied to us by us alone. Saturn calls for an inner journey of self-discipline where our willpower is the key. He want to teach us how to make our intentions dominant over our fears, laziness and difficult emotions. By stripping us down to our most vulnerable state, showing us darkness, hopelessness and defeat his aim is to make us hit rock bottom. And then he asks the pivotal question - Do you still have faith? If we, in the face of absolute impossibility, can stand tall and feel faith in life, in ourselves, our dreams and our ideals we have passed the test. Then we can begin ro rise from the ashes and return to ourselves with true knowledge of self-respect and inner wisdom. We will be able to see the bigger picture; a sense of why. We'll establish a foundation from which we can move forward as strong, resilient and disciplined human beings. Human beings with a strong faith in our own existence and a trust in our individual capacity and inner strength.

If we defy Saturn we'll lose track of who we are. We'll create an empty and meaningless existence for ourselves, surrounded by darkness, depression, despair and melancholy. This is not what Saturn wants but it is his shadow side and the consequences can not be avoided.

While going through the Saturn teachings, have the following questions in mind:

In what are of life must I learn to act alone?

Where will a lack of self-discipline lead most quickly to sorrow?

✦ Where will my ability to dream and have faith be most severely tested?

So, as you can probably imagine, I've had a rough year. But I am so grateful. Having Saturn as my inner teacher has taught me so many things throughout my life but the culmination was during the year of 2020. (I will share these teachings in an upcoming blogpost!) I also wish to send a shoutout to Jupiter for travelling alongside Saturn in my sign for this journey. Being the planet of fortune, Jupiter has assisted me in developing the vitality and confidence I needed to maintain my faith.

On December 17th Saturn (and Jupiter on the 19th) finally transitions in to Aquarius where they will continue creating great deeds alongside each other. And us Capricorns can finally take a breath of fresh air, sigh it out and smile. Why? Because we've passed all the tests and now is our time incorporate all the lessons and step out in to the world and SHINE OUR LIGHT! 🌟

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