Current favorites winter 2021

I thought I'd share my current favorites that I've been really into so far this year and then make it a recurring segment, about four times per year. One for each season. So if you have any requests for things to bring up in my next favorites post, please feel free to let me know in the comment section.

Beauty. The climate in Stockholm is so weird right now. It was freezing cold for several weeks, then we had a period of rain and moist and the sun is out so much it's blinding us. My skin has been more than pleased with this so I've been using a lot of different products depending on the state of every particular day. But one thing I've been very consistent with lately has been my rose quartz gua sha. I LOVE facial massage and I love how it has become a part of my morning routine. The tools helps to improve blood circulation and skin texture and it reduces swelling (which is my biggest issue atm). And of course, it also feels really nice. But don't forget to always apply cream or oil first to avoiding straining on the skin. I love to use the Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil from Elemis.

Podcast. I love listening to podcasts and I do it all the time. Especially when I juice or when I take my long walks. Right now I'm really into the Expand podcast by international channeler Elizabeth April. She covers all celestial things like self-discovery, self-awareness and wakening up to ones soul and discusses topics like aliens, the matrix, starseeds, quantum physics and much more. I listen to a lot of more scientific podcasts as well so this one is a nice break from all of that. And it's basically all the same anyway, except Elizabeth is an intuitive as opposed to a scientist. Much like myself.

Click here to reach Elizabeth's website.

Oracle cards. These oracle cards by Denise Jarvie are so incredibly beautiful and inspiring. I pull cards whenever I'm in need of guidance, support, inspiration or motivation. It's really a perfect way to communicate with the Universe because you can ask direkt questions and receive straightforward guidance. The card deck comes with a guidebook but sometimes I just like to observe the card itself and take in the illustration, colors and details. Sometimes, that's enough to tap into your own intuition. These cards are definitely my favorites at the moment and I am so happy my mom got me these for my birthday!

Books- I got myself Shaman Durek's book Spirit Hacking for my birthday last month. I've been wanting to ready it for quite some time. Now I'm almost done and I'm so glad I got it. First off, I have to say that if you're a follower of Shaman Durek, like myself, there's some repetition in this book. But its strength is the included shamanic rituals. I have tried some of them and they are truly amazing! I really believe that if you incorporate these into your life on a regular basis, you can reach another level of love and abundance. So I definitely recommend the book! Especially for those of you who are new in the spiritual realm and need some basic guidelines to avoid getting lost.

Food. This bowl is so good, I can't even describe it. The problem is I have to drive about 30 minutes to get to this café and it's super tiny (extremely tiny right now due to covid restrictions) so most of the time you have to wait in line for a seat. There's of course takeaway but since the meal is cold (banana ice-cream) it's not that comfy to eat outside where it's even more cold. For a person who's always cold. However, it is so delicious and it's basically the only thing that's really awesome for my taste buds after getting covid in January so I do give myself the pleasure of having it as often as I like. Self-love. In a bowl. 🥰 For those of you wondering what it is it's basically just frozen banana ice-cream with fresh berries and the tastiest peanut butter granola you could ever imagine! Yum!