HAPPY NEW MOON IN VIRGO! Are you also feeling the intense energies of transformation, self-evolvement and structure? I have my moon in Virgo so I have been organizing my apartment the entire weekend; decluttering, throwing things out, donating things, selling things, moving things around and bought some new decorations and things for our kitchen... to name a few. I also decided on a new dietary regime that I am going to follow strictly for a few weeks to aid my own healing process (check out my YouTube channel to learn more!).

New Moon in Virgo is the PERFECT time to create new boundaries and routines for yourself, especially when it comes to health and wellness. Virgo is also really keen on structure and balance so if there is a space in your home that could use a little bit of extra love, utilize this time to clean and tidy things up if you can, because the energies are so supportive for organization right now. Basically everything connected to personal responsibilities are effected by this New Moon. Listen to your heart and your gut, write a list, make a plan och execute it along with this New Moon phase. The Moon is New after midnight on Tuesday and it takes about two days or so for the Moon to start growing again and that's when our intentions really start kicking in! What do you want to call into your life? What new habits do you wish to create for yourself? Who is the person you would love to become if you were only given the chance to completely embody them? Now is the time! Don't let anything stop you!

This month's channeling looks a little bit different than the previous ones; I created a pick-a-card for you! So below you will find the three cards with the complementary crystals. Choose the crystal/card that speaks to you the most and continue scrolling for the message! Enjoy. 🖤

CARD 1 - New Moon in Scorpio & hematite: This card says "Work through your fears". Perhaps there's something you know you need to do but you haven't taken the step yet to move forward because you're scared of the outcome? Maybe you're afraid of failing, of defeat or perhaps you're stuck in a rut because you simply don't believe you are worthy of success, abundance and joy? Or you might be holding yourself back because you think you're not good enough? Either way, this card comes with the message of you needing to move through the darkness to get to the light. And there is light for you at the end of the tunnel if you are only brave enough to take the first step. If you show courage to pursue your goals and dreams, the Universe will support you on your journey. Trust!

The hematite crystal has grounding and balancing traits. It will help you feel safe and help you grow your trust muscle. It works deeply with the root chakra which is connected to safety, security and survival and is therefore perfect to work with if you feel anxious, scared or insecure.

CARD 2 - Full Moon in Aries: "A fiery climax approaches!" Have you been focusing too much on your own journey lately without considering the world and the people around you? Have you forgotten your manners? Are you being too competitive? Has the goal itself become an obsession and are you forgetting that the journey to reach the goal (and how you carry yourself along the way) is equally important? The message of this card is to take a breather, slow things down, perceive your surroundings and remember that we are all equal and all here to share the space. Always act with kindness and appreciation for those you come across on your journey. They are your teachers and everyone has something to learn. It's good to be goal-oriented, passionate and driven but how will you feel once you reach your goal and no one is there to congratulate you? This card also speak to those who spends too much time caring for others. Yes, that is a wonderful trait BUT you HAVE TO tend to your own energy and your own needs first. Otherwise you will end up miserable and drained of life force.

The rose quartz crystal will help you amplify love and light. Love is all around us and when we move with grace and gratitude we will always be rewarded. This crystal can also help you increase self-love and make better routines that support you. If you're a workaholic perhaps you need to take a break every once in a while. If you always take care of others around you, you might need to ask yourself how to refill your own energy for a change? What type of self-love practice will help you feel more happy, grounded and happy?

CARD 3 - Blue Moon: "Believe in the impossible" Any doubters out there? Sceptics? This card has one clear message: every once in a blue moon something AMAZING can happen. And for you, this is that time! If you simply trust and believe, good things are coming your way. Now, of course you have to put in some effort but whatever it is that you set your mind to and wish for during this New Moon have enormous chance of becoming a reality! This is a good luck card. Utilize that! You are headed in the right direction.

The citrine is a powerful mood booster and is packed with positive vibration. Keep it by your side and it will help you gain that extra boost of confidence that you need in order to chase your dreams!

I hope that the message resonated with you and that it gave you some valuable insights. And that you have a wonderful few days during this energetic climax, however you choose to celebrate this New Moon (or not).

Lots of love from me and Mother Moon! 🌚

Card deck: Moonology oracle cards by Yasmin Boland.