Dear ones, I pulled a card today and channeled this message from Mother Moon, for anyone tuning into this post. The message is supported by the Full Moon in Capricorn on this June 24th but will apply to you whenever you happen to see it because time is not linear and the things we stumble upon are always there to guide us forward on our path. So welcome!

The Full Moon wants you to know that you are doing so well. You are safe, you are guided and you are surrounded by loving energies. Even when you feel lost and lonely, you are on the right path on your journey and your intuition is your guiding light.

Summer is a very spiritual period with the solar energies being extra heightened and the light flowing all around us. You may feel a deeper connection to the spirit realm and more celestial than ever. This is wonderful and so magical but don't forget to ground yourself and make practical plans for yourself, your goals and your dreams. While it's divine to live in the cosmos, the truth is that we were born here on planet Earth as human beings and we have to honor that life form. On Planet Earth it's not enough to wish for things and hope for things. We must also make an effort to evolve and move forward. And to show the Universe that we are dedicated. So in honor of the Full Moon in Capricorn, if you have big dreams for your future, make a plan! Structure your life so that you don't lose yourself. The first half of 2021 has been all about letting go, releasing what no longer serves us and to step into our highest selves. Now it's time to take action. Where do we want to go? Where do we want to see ourselves in six months? Anything is possible if we only set our minds to it and take action. Where your attention goes, energy flows. If you take the leap, your road to success will unfold effortlessly. ♥︎