I wish you a happy and prosperous Full Blue Moon in Aquarius on this lovely Sunday! With this Full Moon we are collectively being encouraged to break free from old patterning and embrace our individuality, uniqueness and amazingness! That means to fully bloom into the magnificent being that is you without fearing what the rest of the world will think. Just be you! And do what makes YOU happy! (As long as it's not harmful to other beings on this planet.)

I channeled a message for us from Mother Moon this morning. This months message is:

How can we harness this Full Moon energy? The card Full Moon in Leo tells us that we should be less focused on ego and more focus on our hearts. When we act with our ego we tend to lose ourselves in pride and vanity. But if we act from our heart we will lead with love and compassion, both for ourselves the everyone around us. So as the Moon encourages us to embrace our unique and amazing selves we must keep in mind that we follow the voice of our heart and not the voice of our mind. The mind often tells us what it think we need in order to be loved and acknowledged but that doesn't necessarily align with the wishes of our heart. The heart always leads the way. It always knows what is right and if you listen closely that's where you'll find all the answers.

What guidance will you share during this Full Moon? Full Moon in Aries marks a phase of fire and emotions can run high. Some of us might feel scared to speak our truth and share our authenticity with the world. Don't be afraid. Fear creates an even stronger realm for the mind and the ego to rule your actions. Mother Moon tells us to "be nice, be kind, smile and be polite as you navigate where you want to be". Again, we are being called to let the heart lead. If you are someone who finds it difficult to listen within, try to meditate a few minutes every morning. Just listen to your intuition and it will surely guide you forward if you simply trust.

I guess it's safe to say that Mother Moon wants us to focus on our hearts during this time. To lead with love. To be compassionate and let others in on the fun as well. Like I stated in the first piece of this text, always do what lights you up but never step on anyone else to get ahead and never harm another being in the process of your spiritual journey to the light. Follow this simple guidance and you'll be fine. Trust me. 🤍 A fun fact is that I pulled the Full Moon in Aries card for us during last months message as well. So really tune into this guidance. Mother Moon can not emphasize this enough. Always be kind!

When I work with Mother Moon I always use my Moonology oracle cards by Yasmin Boland.