This July 23/24 we celebrate a beautiful Full Moon in Aquarius. Just one day prior, the Sun entered the sign of Leo which brings an energy of confidence, passion and joy upon us. Aquarius is free-spirited and radical but also very humanitarian; making sure that whatever they are working on and for is serving the collective.

The main theme for this Full Moon is F R E E D O M. Freedom to enjoy ourselves, freedom to speak our truth, freedom to move around (more people are starting to travel again) and freedom to live without constraints. But it's important to be considerate of your actions. Your actions should never create any physical or emotional suffering for anyone else.

I channeled two messages for us to support the energy during this phase. Mother Moon shows up again to share her wisdom. I will certainly take the advices into consideration during this weekend as I will be spending time with family where I tend to be the one stepping into the role of the leader. Perhaps someone else would like to pitch an idea this time?

Dear Mother Moon, what guidance do you have for us during this Full Moon in Aquarius? Full Moon in Aries represents an extreme fire and intensity in our emotions. Aries is a confident and passionate sign. Mother Moon wants us to acknowledge if we are being too self centered or too insensitive. While we are often encouraged to be individualistic in today's society; to take space and have our own best interest at heart there is never any need to push others around or step on anyone else to get ahead. Show more sensitivity and kindness in your approach and you'll find a smoother way ahead.

Advice: Be nice, be kind, smile and be polite as you navigate to where you want to be. 🔥

Dear Mother Moon, how can we harness this Full Moon energy and move through these intense energy frequencies with ease? Tap into stillness. Mother Moon advices us to go within, to listen to our inner voice and connect to our higher self and to the Cosmos. Don't get caught in the intense fire. Wait. Use this time to fix things, to heal old wounds and forgive yourself and others who have harmed you.

It might seem contradictory to go inwards during a season of fire but taking a step back actually allows us to move from a place of ease. Thinking before we speak is a magical practice during this time. Reflect on your life. Are you showing up as your best self? Are you in your absolute truth? If not, where are you stuck and where are you selling yourself out? What can you release that is no longer serving you and your life?

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a Happy Full Moon! 🌝