Chakra work

I took a crash course in chakra balancing a couple of weeks ago and it was the best thing I've done in a long time. I have been called to work on my chakras for quite some time and I have been tending to them in many different ways intuitively and on routine for over a year. But my scientific and concrete side has been anxious about not having any actual basic knowledge. I mean, of course I know of the chakras and the system and all the things but I haven't like read a book or studied them. So to expand my inner database and to be able to take my practice deeper and make it more profound I signed up for a very basic but perfectly doable online course via the Oh La Moon community. When I first read about it I feared it wasn't advanced enough but then I realized that if I was going to sit around waiting for a cheap and short in-depth chakra course to come my way I would have to craft it myself and also - doing something short and simple can sometimes be the most efficient way to enlightenment. I mean, it doesn't always have to be a struggle with tests and diplomas, right? Anyway, so I took the course - it took me about a total of maybe 3-4 hours to memorize and also complete the meditations that came along - and I was so happy afterwards and so proud of myself for following through. And it was enough! Now I have the tools I need to tune into and to balance my chakras on a daily basis. How awesome is that! 🌈

What I loved the most about the course was that I could work with my crystals as I was doing the meditations. For me, it is really helpful to have props. So now, when I work on my chakras I can pick up a crystal and place it on the chakra or bring it with me throughout the day in case I need a little bit of extra support. If I have time I also do the meditations in the course for one chakra per day which has me going through all of them in one week. That was I always stay balanced, or at least I commit to staying balanced. I don't know about you, but I really feel that this inner work is helping me to center and ground myself into my body. I also love to dress in the color of the chakra that I'm working on that particular day. For some reason that just makes me so happy because I love colors.

I can talk about this subject all day long. In fact, there aren't simply 7 chakras. We actually have 12 of them and they correlate with the 12 strands of DNA that our bodies are crafted with. The other 5 chakras are placed above the head, in an upright direction, connecting your physical body and your celestial mind in space. Now, this topic is an entire new blogpost but I just wanted to touch upon it briefly since I think it's so fascinating. I did a lot of activation on these 5 chakras during last summer and now when I've been doing this work I think I'm ready to explore this a little bit more again. So stay tuned for a follow-up on this topic in the future.

Are you also into chakra work like meditation, yoga or any other practices like using crystals, sound healing or gong baths? What are your favorite crystals to use? Which chakra are you most in tuned with and which one tends to be the most blocked? Share down below!