I am so excited for this Sunday because we have a magnificent Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius. It's amazing also because it's very rare to experience two Full Moons in a row in the same sign. It's hard to avoid the Universal activation of encouraging humanity to break free, evolve and celebrate individuality and uniqueness! I recently watched Bracha Goldsmith's message (linked here) for this Full Moon and she shared this beautiful quote by Scott Peck that really spoke to me: Let's share our similarities and celebrate our differences. Isn't that just a wonderful affirmation to embody? 🦋

While traveling recently, I really got the chance to observe people. I mean, I haven't really been out in public like that for years so being in the midst of people from all over the world was quite extraordinary for me. So, I did some people gazing when we were just chilling, sitting down to have coffee our laying on the beach. And it hit me that everyone just wants to be happy and enjoy life. No matter who you are, what your story is, what baggage you carry on your back - everyone just wants to enjoy life on this beautiful planet. And the Lord knows that you bump into all kinds of weird beings when you travel. Some of them are rude, some disrespect the covid restrictions, some are loud and some are just basically really disrespectful in general. But ultimately they are just looking after their own best interests, right? They just want to be happy, comfortable and to enjoy themselves on the terms and standards that they are used to. So I guess traveling can really bring out the worst in people. but also the very best. I'm the perfect example of the latter.

Don't ask me why my soul chose to be born in Sweden, and don't get me wrong - I love most things about this country - but it's so freaking cold. I am constantly cold and so the conditions here are not optimal for me to thrive. I need heat, sunshine and turquoise waters. I need tropical wildlife and mountains. Big contrasts. All the things you can find by the Mediterranean (and other parts of the world that I am yet to discover). I love my home country but I feel so congested here. I am always cold, my muscles are always tense and I am constantly seeking shelter. I can't move around without planning what to wear or what to bring in case I get hypothermia, and now I'm not even talking about the winter months. I can literally not wear a short sleeved top INSIDE of my own apartment without getting blue fingers and chills. I'm not explaining this to complain, I just want to paint a picture of my body trying to cope here and then arriving to a spot with 30+ Celsius. It's like walking into the kingdom of heaven! Within seconds I feel relaxed everywhere and my muscles are literally crying of relief. I can wear whatever I want without worrying of getting cold, I don't have to sit curled up with a blanket, asking my husband to get me things so I won't have to get up and lose the little warmth I've gathered, I can be outside even after dark and I don't have to layer clothes to go for walks or runs. I can even go swimming! It's just paradise for me. So I'm very much one of those people who live up during vacation spent in a warmer spot. And I really felt that I did this year. I was 100% my highest self. Free as a bird. Totally uninhibited. And so happy. And that's the feeling I want to bring in and invoke during this Full Moon.

So this Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius which encourages us to be free, uninhibited and to try new things. I signed up for my very first Full Moon Ceremony in a group. It's totally not my thing to practice spirituality with others but something intuitively told me to try this and I am really looking forward to it! Doing something that I don't normally do. And I am actually surprised that I have grown such a strong love for Aquarian energy. It should go against EVERYTHING in my Capricorn heart but somehow the freedom and liberation speaks to me.

However Full Moon's are not only all about celebration of life, they are also a moment for contemplation of emotions and to go within. I definitely have A LOT to release and let go of this month and that's why I always go off the radar a bit during Full Moons. It can shake you up, especially if you have been dealing with various traumas or issues during the last Moon cycle. For me it's been quite the tornado but I am settling in the moment and accepting this phase more each day. Sometimes being.a human is quite the challenge but once you've hit your rock bottom there's always that beautiful moment of discovering that little ray of light shining down on you, letting you know that it's time to pull yourself together and rise from the ashes like a magnificent little Fenix bird. Are you with me? 🔥

Are you also thriving and celebrating the Aquarian energy right now? How do you feel about this weekend's Full Moon and how are you going to celebrate? Share down below!