Ahimsa is probably my favorite word. It's sanskrit and the definition is non-violence/non-harmfulness. Basically it's the practice of not wishing or causing harm to any living creature or object either by deeds, thoughts or in words. It is a practice of universal benevolence where the intent becomes the primary focus rather than the action itself (because once your intent is pure no harmful action will follow).

Ahimsa is incorporated in buddhism, hinduism and janaism but regardless of religion it is a wonderful doctrine to live by. I have felt connected to the concept for many years and I came across it in the beginning of my journey as a yogi, a little over 13 years ago. Something really resonated with me so it's been with me ever since and even though I obviously have had bouts of anger since then (and actually even slapped someone in the face at one point - believe me, he had it coming) it is a nice reminder on how to live a peaceful life. And as I've grown older I have learned to incorporate it in my life to a much larger extent. For example, I don't believe in harming any living creatures and so I became vegan about five years ago, I also never believed in revenge but rather forgiveness. It's been really helpful also in healing different childhood wounds. I no longer feel resentment and when I do come across an unjust occurrence I try to always see what that experience is to teach and work on my own reaction rather than throwing a fit.

“Ahimsa, rightly understood, is the ultimate weapon; it turns one’s enemy into a friend, thereby banishing the possibility of further conflict. In the practice of yoga, it is important to understand that the same life flows in the veins of all creatures.” – Swami Kriyananda

I recently had a major awakening process where my true purpose, my dharma, was revealed to me. Actually it was last week and I have so much to say about this but in correlation with ahimsa I basically realized that I'm a peace advocate and my purpose in this lifetime is to spread the knowledge of how to create peace and to actively assist in the battle (no pun intended) of war abolition (including all types of military arms and doctrines).

How did I come to this realization? Well, after studying military history and war science for almost 2,5 years I have reached one simple conclusion: it's apparent that the strategies mankind has been using for peace-building up to this point have been quite inefficient. I'm sure that we've avoided full-scale war many times but the conflict ratio on our planet today is blown out of proportion. We're even fighting about who has the mandatory right to claim space! I mean, what's going on?

Shouldn't we be able to see that through trial and error nothing has worked? And so how can we change that? How can we alter a strategy that is withering? If deterrence and violence can't bring us peace shouldn't we change direction completely? Perhaps peace can bring peace? Violence, anger and scarcity certainly can't. By replacing weapons, military doctrine and defence systems with diplomacy and friendly conversations we can change the world! And what if everyone meditated for five minutes before engaging in any type of political discussion to establish a more mindful and present awareness? What if we actually started viewing each other as equals and joined forces towards the same goal? I mean, is there really anyone out there who actually enjoys living in chaos, destruction and fear? And if so, maybe that person needs some therapy instead of a nuclear button...

I am so honored to have been given this task and I can't wait to start doing the work. In the meantime I'll use this platform to spread both peace and light and if you are interested in joining forces, write me an e-mail or a comment down below and I'll get back to you! There are a variety of ways for us to make a difference and everyone is welcome to help. ☮️

With love and light 🤍

Resources for ahimsa definition: https://www.ananda.org/yogapedia/ahimsa/