Hello beautiful people Eid Mubarak today muslims around the world are celebrating eid al-adha i know if your not a muslim you must be wondering didnt they just celebrate eid? yes we did, eid al-fitr which is to mark the ending of ramadan the 30days we fast, Eid Al-Adha is the one today, i spent time with my family today we enjoyed good food and had lost of fun, i wanted to share my outfit with you guys as eid is always a day for me to dress up in the nicest outfit i own, i decided to wear a dress that was sewed in my home country this time. i loved it its so blue and i felt like a real african princess anyway i also wanted to share something that has been on my mind ever since i saw something on ig,that said that there is a bill floating around, and if it would be approved muslim women in parts in europe could be told that they,cant wear their hijab in certain worksettings?! my heart was so sadden by this as a muslim woman who decided to wear the hijab this was my own choice btw at the age of 22, i just dont understand this obsession with making us seem oppressed, because we choose to cover in western society, i am never going to take off my hijab as it is one of the greatest choices i made in my life to start wearing it. I feel so free and alive and finally beautiful in my skin my hijab is never coming off and no job will be worth comprimising my believes and faith, i dont think in our world that a muslim womens scarfs is such a treath i mean what did chiffon ever do to you guys.. anyway no job is worth me comprimising what i believe and if it comes down to me having to choose a job or my iman i will always choose my iman (faith) and my believes, <3.

i am going to play kahoot now with my family so eid mubarak and may allah swt bless us to witness another year from my family to yours eid mubarak i hope you all had an amazing day even if you celebrate or not.