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I was recently in Italy. By Lake Como. It is so astoundingly beautiful that I almost tear up as we drive down towards the lake, the red terracotta houses flowing down the hill like an artists paint, and the misty green hills on the other side of the lake sending off a brilliant green that matches the emerald in the water beneath. It is magical. And I never want to leave.

Italian architecture, food, fashion and mild summer nights inspire my aesthetics and I want to climb into one of Valentinos commercials and remain there, in flowers and elegance, forever.

Here is some inspiration for you, and the picks to match it.

Oh Italy...

x Andrea

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Fashion, We Want

Some days, browsing through your Insta-feed is all you need if inspiration is failing you..

Amongst many other, we recommend following @whowhatwear, @manrepeller, @elle, @filippak, @houseofdagmar, @adornmentstudios, @stylebymagazine, @trendenser, @sakerstil and the never failing @vogue.

Here are our favorites of today!

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What are your best tips for an extra boost of inspiration?

x Andrea & Helena



Fashion, Personal, We Want

Let's face it, what we all REALLY want right now is to tell ourselves that spring is coming, to clean out our closets and make space for the new spring collection, and start wearing open shoes again, am I right?

But that is not really the reality just yet, at least not for me. It is freezing outside, the grey clouds are reflected in my pale "haven't-seen-sun-in-two-months"-gloomy face, and the cold air makes my hair static enough to lick against my face indefinitely.. not a pretty picture.

So I turn to the thing that always makes me feel warm and cozy, colorful and stylish, and above all, very comfortable: plaid. And then some more plaid. Then I top it up with, plaid.



Interiors, Personal

Fall is truly here. It's colder, rain and snow are competing for space and the cosy knits and coats are out in force. It's the perfect time to crawl under the blanket and read a good book or settle in for a good TV series. Favorites at the moment are The Crown and Westworld showing at Netflix, for a page turner, grab a copy of My Brilliant friend by Elena Ferrante.

Helena x




Really liking the frilly thing going on right now. The frills tend to be quite large witch gives them a bit more edge and make them less girly.

Wear the white HM blouse with black slacks, the Cos dress with heavy boots or brogues, spend some extra on London Fashion Weeks sweetheart, Sies Marjan, less in a New Look knit, or go all in like Beyonce in Roberto Cavalli. 

Do it whichever way, but make sure you do it.

Helena x




We recently wrote a blog post for the eminent Bain and Gray recruitment agency in London ( They specialise in placing personal assistants at creative agencies and financial institutes, and wanted a post on what to wear for a first interview. We jumped straight on it and below is what came out.

Helena & Andrea x

* * *

Go get it girl!

The city is bustling with fashion conscious people attending the various events during London Fashion week. But it is not only the fashion conscious running around, it’s also the job hunting crowd filling the streets getting to and from interviews for new positions. So why not make the most out of the two, look your best while getting your dream job. To help you out we have compiled a shortlist of the do’s and don'ts of what to wear when getting the job we know you deserve. But before getting into what you should be wearing, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Getting your dream job is not based on what you wear, it’s based on who you are. Although you should consider looking sharp, let’s make sure they focus on what comes out of you mouth, rather than your choice of footwear.
  2. Many of us express our personalities in our clothes, but remember that your personality is part of you, it’s not only in your clothes.
  3. Wear clothes for work, as in, you’re not going clubbing so leave the see through, short and revealing at home. This is neither the time nor the place.
  4. Pick clothes that have a great fit and are comfortable, the last thing you want is chafing!

Below some inspiration for your next job interview!

Creative Studio

The line between work wear and sunday brunch is blurred. You work, or aim to work, in a creative environment where what you wear can help you state your creativity, ambition and personality. However, again, what you wear does not define you, what you wear only enhances your already existing fabulous personality. In a creative environment, comfort is king (or queen) but you are still there to work, a lot, so make sure your clothes reflect that. Combine comfortable clothes with edgy shoes, or the other way around, an elegant outfit can be dressed down with sporty shoes and a dash of smashing color.

Business corporate

You dream about being the next Sheryl Sandberg, being on the board is not enough, you want to BE the board. We are talking about serious business here. You need to look sharp and show that you are on top of your game. Regardless if you are just starting out or already making big bucks, dressing the part is the easy part. Make sure to make a positive impression by not wearing all black. Colors and contrast creates a stronger and long-lasting memory of you. The key to looking elegant and professional to the maximum lies in the fabric. Invest in proper materials that creates a luxurious look. Avoid synthetics if you can.

Whilst in the mood for fashion inspiration, check out some of the most interesting designers of London fashion week:

Katie Jones

Richard Malone

Caitlin Price

Alexander Lewis

Anya Hindmarch



House of Holland

Donna Karan



Summer is slowly coming to an end, we have spent lazy days at beaches, on cliffs and lakes and many evenings with wine on the terrace and BBQs with family and friends. But now we are back at work and eager to get back to the blog!

Here are some things we want to talk about in the next few weeks. Amongst others. 

- What to wear to work

- This seasons favourite skirts

- New shoes

- The importance of a good hallway

- Rugs to transform your home

and, ideas of what to give the hostess/host when going for dinner.

We hope this will lure you out of your sleepy summer state and into the cosiness that is the early fall, or if you are lucky, an Indian Summer..

Lots of love Helena and Andrea x

Andrea on our way to Frauenbadi here in Zurich, it's the best place for a quick lunch/swim and brainstorm, all in one. Andrea in a fantastic dress from Jones New York with beautiful buttons all up the back.



Fashion, Personal

Formentera (Ibiza) this past weekend. Two very happy ladies having spent a lovely weekend filled with sun, sand, sea and friends. And a lot of white dresses.

Helena ROCKING a white dress from DKNY, pairing this stunning piece of clothing with THE earrings of the year, the Dior "Tribales", inspiring us all to wear white, white and more white.

Check out our two best tips for the white dress to own this summer, as everyone should have a white dress in their wardrobe. Bring it out for parties, relaxed evenings on the balcony, or the Sunday farmers market tour. (And keep some Vanish in the cleaning closet for stain removal...)

ZimmermannElizabeth and James

/x Andrea



Fashion, Personal

This dress. This WONDERFUL dress. Light crepe fabric, flower print, a bit of crochet.. Wearable summer romance. It flows around the ankles like a perfect summer breeze and hangs off the shoulders in that special kind of casual way that you want from a summer dress. Put heels on for a party and wear with a t-shirt underneath for a lazy Sunday brunch in the city.

What's your favourite this summer?

/Andrea x