Hi there !!
Having a Blog looks so freaking weird... but i decided to do it. Feel free to talk to me using my Email or writting something in the comments :)
Today i want to talk about social school life.
I've never been the social girl, the girl that had alot of friends, the girl that dresses super well or even the popular girl that everybody at school knows. I've always been made fun of and super ugly.
Recently I've had my period ( last year ) and my boobs started to grow and i started to use makeup ( because i like it ). the first day of 9th grade the guys from my class looked at me.
They now think i'm kinda cute but still a nerdy. I never cared about them because I still don't care about having a boyfriend, like, c'mon,  i was only 14 !
Than i had my school friends. I only talk to 3 of them now,  they were 8 or something.
I've recently had my exams and now we are at summer break, which means that i have 3 monts to be me and do whatever i want to.
I sometimes try to be someone that i'm not. I promise that it will never happen again...

With Love from the 15 year old girl : AnonymousBlogger