I want to start this blogg with, Happy Easter :). Hope your weekend is full of love for yourselves first and that you have someone to share that love with.

This easter have been and still is a challange for me. Finally managed to turn my life around, feeling love for myself, staying sober and with good tools to practice to not fall back into negative old patterns of thinking that leads to behaviour if you not practiced to not react.

So now at this positive time in my life my family is not inviting or telling me about easter celebration that they are celebrating at this very moment. It was painful and made me so sad. But then why?? I wonderd, is it because i did something wrong? Or maybe it just is that its hard for people to see others grow when they are stuck?

I think the last option, so now i have to practice to stay in my heart, not to take this personally and most of all not to destroy my inner peace. It is not worth it.

So i go to bed tonight sober, in peace, happy about the new jewellerys i made and grateful for my beautiful friends i have.

Bless you

Happy Easter