Future is a big topic in my life right now. I guess the future will always be something you wonder about. Even if you try to tell yourself to not think or worry about the future, I think you'll still think about it. Just a little.
You will always be curious for what the future might bring, even if the now is good. Cause maybe everything will be different tomorrow. Maybe everything will fall apart, or maybe everything will be even better.
Nobody knows. That's why we, technically, shouldn't think about it. Cause we won't know the future for sure, until the future has become the now.

For me, right now, the future "topic" is about my life with my girlfriend. It's about our life together. About moving plans, education, family, and so on. - (and about when to do what)
We both agree on the fact that we wanna be together, and go "all the way" with family and all that. Almost all of our plans match with the other's, and when they don't one of us will end up changing our mind - cause we suddenly think it makes more sense.

I like thinking about the future. I like picturing myself with my girlfriend, and kids, going on vacations or just being at home doing something together. I'm excited for the future, but at the same time i'm scared. I want, and think, that my girlfriend and I can and will go "all the way" cause it's what we both want and we're both fighters who won't give up that easily. But still. No one will know for sure. So the future scares me. Big time.

But like me, the future might be