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Fashion has a dying trend?
Trends sometimes suck.
But styles don’t.
Because, it’s better.

,,A dress is neither tragedy or painting. It’s charming and ephemeral, not a durabale work of art. Fashion must die and die fast, in order that the trade survives. As soon fashion passes, then it’s more improved. We can’t save that, who is dead” - Coco Chanel (I translated it, don’t judge me)

I agree with her on some points. But not all trends are dead. Wearing black or white is never dying trend. Wearing underwear and outwear is a never dying trend. What is dying, is how they look.

How she said ,,A dress is neither tragedy or painting. It’s charming and ephemeral, not a durable work of art.”. Clothes can look tragic or really good to all of us. Of cousre, there are opinions, who change uncontrollably, but you get the point. Yes it’s charming and ephemeral, but I 50/50 agree that work of art is not durable. It depends if it’s durable or not. Having black is dying? No. Having a painting you like, and has a meaning is dying? It depends, but still no :D. Minimalism is dying? No. Not all things durable, but you can’t say that everything is not durable.

,,Fashion must die and die fast, in order that the trade survives”. Why fashion has to die, because of the trade? I got confused on this point, but with a little bit help, i got the point. If we go with fashion trends, i agree with dying fashion. But there are other styles, who doesn’t follow trends like vintage, goth, minimalistic and others who goes more with older fashion. And trading... trades needs always new fashion trends, for the money and popularity. Because if they going to sell something old and not trendy, they won’t get the income. So, trends can die because of the trade, but styles don’t.

,,As soon fashion passes, then it’s more improved. We can’t save that, who is dead”. Old fashion is, yea, more improved, agreed. And, still on trend side, yea, we don’t save what is dead. But really worthy styles, who are alive today, they are not dead. They still living. Never dying.

Trends. They always die. Styles - never. Because trend is a trend. They live a bit and they die fast. Styles never die. They are born, and they will live forever.

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Topic: telling your crush that you like them.
One thing: it’s one of the scariest things happensin life.
Literally scariest.
Been there.
Done that.
And cried.
Okay, ill stop.

We all have been in the time when you like someone, that is your friend, colleague, classmate or some stranger and you are in state, when you think, that you want to tell them, but you don’t have the guts to speak. And you’re in that aniexty state when you overthink the consequences. I remember when I had to tell guys that I like them. I had told to two, because I was pooping my pants af.

The first time I told to him, was in fourth - sixth grade, I don’t remember. I was not that really anxious, but when I told him, I was regretting that I told him. His answer was so rude, that I got a really bad anxiety from it. It was traumatic.

On second time, my anxiety was shit high. Then I was with my friends and they told me to tell him. I was like saying no, i didn’t want to. But they pushed me to do that. And i did it. And Im happy. Well, i got rejected. But not in a rudest way. The rejection was so sweet that I cried. I never saw in my life a guy who was that sweet and kind.

So, telling your crush, that you like them is okay. I know it’s scary af and it gives anxiety like shit. But if you don’t tell that person that you like them, you’ll regret. And if you’ll get rejected (rudely or sweet) try to be strong. Tell others how you feel or contact me. I will help you.

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I remembered a lot conversations about this topic so i'll share some others opinions here and my opinion about it.

So, i've talked about this topic with my parents and some friends. And my parents and school "friends" say that classical music (all the baroque, classicism, romanticism and more) are great to your brain. My friends say all the music help people, no matter what genre it is. Some people find help from pop music, some from metal and so on. So, i'll tell my story about music and what i personally think about it.

I got through all music genres in my life. So I'm friendly with all of them. But one genre, which had helped and saved me a lot is electronic music. More precisely, these artists: Avicii, Otto Knows, Martin Garrix, Alesso, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Swedish House Mafia and multiple genre artist- violinist David Garret. They helped me to achieve a lot of goals, they had inspired me a lot and they helped from severe downs. I don't know what I've done without them. I'm really happy that this had helped me a lot.

I'll say that all genre music helps people. It can motivate you, help you or increase your IQ. No matter what genre, it can help you one or all genres.