Last friday me & Anya found a black cat on the street, we decided to call it Stanley.

So Stanley followed us home to me & then home to anya. We were out with the cat in like half an hour & then we went home to Anya. Last sunday the cat came home to me, Maya again. So I was sitting there with the cat for like fiftheen minutes. So the next day I went home to Anya & we just ate candy as usuall and then when I went home the cat followed me home again so we fed it with ham & my mom made a little sleepingplace for the cat in our backyard.

When my mom woke up the next day the cat was sleeping in our backyard, so mom went to the store & bought some cat food so it could eat real food.

After that me & my family just cuddeld with the cat for like an hour then he went on his own adventure.

So yeah i hope he stays at our house now!


BYE :)))

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Hey guys, how you doing?

Today me, Maya was at the zoo in Påarp. It was actually really fun. I was there with my mom, sister, brother, my brothers girlfriend and there children. After we had been to the zoo we drove to Väla in my brothers Cadillac to eat lunch, I ate McDonalds. 

At one o clock Anya also got to Väla, so I stayed there with her and her mother.

Anya bought a highlighter from Isadora, you can see it in the last pictrue. After that we ate American Spin Cream and then we took the bus home. 

So right now were just sitting in the couch and taking selfies ;)

Bye guys <33



So, the picture you can see is of me & anya!
Me & anya is just two regular girls in a human body, lol.
We both like makeup, fashion, animals, food & candy of course. Cats are the best just so everybody knows that ;)
So this blog is just about everything & nothing.

Hope you guys will enjoy <3