Here I will try to explain all the different competitions at instagram@biraschallenge.

The first competition and also the MAIN competition is Biras challenge. Its the first competition we created and also has the greatest rewards. Read more about it at ''Biras challenge''. We also have smaller competitions like Beauty bira, The shoutout competition and sometimes season connected competitions. Read about them all under this text.

I will first name the competitins, then explain the rules and rewards. You will se a picture of each competition on the right side of the rules.

Biras challenge

I only have one of these open at a time. The theme is written on the pictures.

Rules: *Upload a picture with the running theme. Comment ''I compete with @biraschallenge in the ''theme'' challenge! #biraschallenge''
Change ''theme'' to the running theme, for ex ''speed''. Do NOT forget to use the RIGHT hashtag! Otherwise i might not find you.
*Tag 3 friends under the challenge picture
*Only uploads or reposts allowed, just commenting on old photo wont make you win.

Rewards: A permanent shoutout. Won't be taken down.

Beauty bira

Beauty Bira is a competition where you use the hashtag #beautybira in your pictures and I choose the most beautiful picture everyday or every week. The most beautiful picrute gets a 1 day shoutout.

Rules: Use the hashtag #beautybira in your pictures, also if you like, tag @biraschallenge

Reward: 1 day shoutout

(Picture on the right belongs to insta@gillians_kittens)

The shoutout competition
When you see this photo on the right you will know its time to enter the shoutout competition. The first 9 to DM me a picture on instagram will get to join.

When I get 9 DMs I'll make a collage then it will be time for all my followers to VOTE out the picture they like the least. Every round I will take 1 picture away until its just 2 pictures standing. For the finals you have to vote for the picture you want to win!

Rules: 1 vote/ user
Its okay to repost and ask for votes.

Reward: 2 day shoutout

To trade shoutouts

If you wanna make it simple you could just send me a DM and ask for a shoutout trade. That means that im giving you a shoutout if you give me a shoutout. Tho I'm not trading shoutouts to accounts under 1000 followers.

If you dont have 1000 followers yet you could always look for this picture on the left. That means that it doesnt matter how many followers you have. If you give me a shoutout I will return. Usually Im not leaving this picture up for long so you need to be quick!

Usually I leave them up for about 2h, if nothing else is said.