Hey Cuties, hope you all doing well :)

Uniwigs sent me this cute wig to try out and blog about it.

I chose an ombre brown/blonde wig.
The shipping was very fast, i just waited 1 week.

After opening the package i found :

-the wig
-2 wig caps
-and a wig brush inside

The wig looks like very natural, not shiny and its very soft and smooth.


After i cut the lace off, i applied some baby powder to the roots of the wig and drew a fake scalp to the wig
( to look more natural)

After wearing this wig at partys, at my job and shootings, i can say that this wig will last very long.

If you take much care of it, which means to brush the wig and put it into its box after using it.
you will be happy for a long time.

I have so much fun with this natural colored wig! It became one of my favourites.

I hope you enjoyed my little review :)




This Year i applied as Festivalblogger at "Musikdurstig" sponsored by Warsteiner.

I was very Happy that they choosen me from a bunch of People.
With a Medium Bag and my Boyfriend i traveled by train to Koblenz and from there we traveled by Bus to our Destination : Nürburgring. Honestly the Bus was really overfullled with People and it was very expensive to travel by them.

12€ For one Way Ticket
20€ For two Way Ticket

We arrieved at our Destination and guess what... the Camping Place was over 2km far away from the Bus stopp.
After a long walk we finally get our Sponsored Tent from Warsteiner and some Drinks for free in the Backstagelounge at the Camping-Stage.
I talked to some People there at the “Blogger-Camp“ and honestly... there Were no “Real“ Bloggers at this Place.
The most “Bloggers“ there, were just normal randomly picked people from Instagram. Not really Bloggers.

After Some drinks we ask our sponsering out, because of our promised Backstage Passes.
The Answer was easy “Sorry we dont have any for you“, they said.
There where many other Promises, their are never happend at this Festival.
For example in our Mailing they write that its able for us to make some Selfies with Famous Djs,
We should get a meet and greet with the Famous “Marshmello“ and some other things.

Backstage at Musikdurstig

My Boyfriend and me just get on the way to the Stages and figured out that the way to the Stages also take more than 30min.
At this Festival they had a Cashless System, what is in my opinion a worse way to cheat festival travelers.
35Credits = 100€ that means 1Credit =2,86€
The food was Expensive There, many outer Travellers tried to gave the Sellers real Money, because the Credit System was too strange for them.

We finally arrived at the Mainstage and i dont lie, if i sai the stages Capital Park and Trap Town were the only Stages with some Travellers there. The Garden of Goa or Urban Circus was every time very empty.

Mainstage / Capital Park Stage at New Horizons Festival

The Lineup from the Mainstage was very very Good. There were so much famous Djs, it was like a little part of Tomorrowland :)

We saw there Dvbbs, Alan Walker, Tiesto, Martin Solveig, Afrojack, Axwell Ingrosso, Robin Schulz and Thomas Gold.
We missed at the last day Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, cause we were so out of power, that we needed some sleep.
Marshmello has not played because of the Storm. It was a pity, because it was my mainact at this Festival next to Dvbbs.

Before and after the Storm

After alll it was a great time with my lovely Boyfriend at this festival and the Lineup was really good, but if we had to pay for this, we wouldnt come back again.

Because there are so many things they Disturbed us. For example the organisation was a mess

(only one wrispond tent at the whole etrence).

i hope next time if i blog for a Festival i get a better experience and can write it here down for you.

Enjoy the Rest of the summer ;) xoxo



Black Doll Dress - Killstar

Mermaid Gymbag - Individualism

This Dress is amazing smooth & silky.
I love it to wear it at cold summer days & the first autumn nights <3

The Gymbag is pretty awesome and strong, if you have more than your basics in it.
(For Festivals also)



Aloha peeps!

Last week i was visiting Innsbruck (Tyrol/Austria)! It was a wonderful day in a very busy city, with lovely architecture, old traditions and good food. I hope you enjoy my few pics about my trip :)

Spitals-church Innsbruck (built 1888)

Triumphpforte Innsbruck (built 1765)

Hotel "Alt Insprugg"

Shopping Street of Innsbruck



Hey my Kitten,

I love traveling around germany and europe, so a few weeks ago i went to Düsseldorf and Cologne. I found very cute, delicous and inspiring stuff there! It was a wonderful time <3 thankies for all my friends there, who took time for me.

This is the awesome Dom of Colgne. Its next to the station and a must see for a trip to cologne.

At this restaurant i had a quick lunch. The fries taste very different as the normal fries. But pretty good !

If you should ever travel to cologne, this is the absolute best restaurant, you should visit! a touchscreen order and a apple for the way home make the whole meal out of housemade limonades and burgers complete. I really love the lavendel-limonade <3

On my way back to Düsseldorf a Visit my fav. place in Colgne. Cologne Deutz - Bridge, where you can find thousand of love locks. Thousand of couples promise there love here with a lock. Romantic Level over 120% <3

Düsseldorf Promenade - view to the Rhein.

Düsseldorf is know as the city with the most japanese people and culture in germany. You can buy beautiful cups, onigiri and melon pam at much shops. I really fell in love with this Cup.

I Also bought very much japanese food there. I think a way too much of it haha.

So i hope you enjoyed at this little view of my travel :)