I love simple recipes, and I love noodles! So why not combine the two to get this awesome dish! This is great for when you only have around fifteen to twenty minutes to cook some food, or, if you leave out the vegetables, you'll chop ten minutes right off the cooking time! Don't worry, if you do, I won't tell your parents.

Another thing I love about this dish, is how easy it is to alter it to your liking. I like the ginger taste, so I'm never afraid to throw in some extra ginger! I made this dish for my brother and I just before my parents left to go out for dinner. Before they could leave, I made my mum taste what I had made. She loved it so much, she kept sneaking forkfuls straight from the pan! My brother enjoyed it as well, and even I had to go back for seconds.


For these yummy noodles, you will need:

- Noodles. Duh. I used buckwheat noodles, but use any thick noodles you want! You can even use spaghetti if you would like to.

- 1 clove of garlic

- hearty chunk of ginger (yum!)

- 1 head of broccoli (or any vegetable you desire)

- 5 Tbsp soy sauce (I don't like my noodles too salty, but if you do, go ahead and add more!)

- 1 tsp Honey

- Pepper

- Chili flakes

- Drizzle of sesame seed oil


1. Cook your noodles! Whilst those are cooking, chop your ginger and garlic and toss it into a pan. Fry in a dash of olive oil until your garlic has gone golden brown.

2. Drain your pasta and pour some olive oil on it to stop it from sticking together before putting it aside.

3. Pour a bit of water into the pan, over the garlic and ginger. Break apart your broccoli and add that in too. Cover the pan and let it cook for ten minutes, or until the broccoli (or other vegetables) have gone tender. Drain if there is excess water.

4. Whilst the broccoli is cooking, combine your soy sauce, pepper, child flakes (just a little bit if you don't like the spice!) and honey in a small bowl.

5. Add your noodles to your broccoli and ginger and garlic. Pour the soy sauce mixture over top and stir until the noodles are well coated. Drizzle a hearty amount of sesame seed oil over top and serve!

There you have it! It is that easy. I hope you enjoyed these noddles as much as I did!