I have no idea how to start this blog properly, but I thought I should at least tell a little about myself and what this blog is going to be about. Well I am twenty years old and I am a dancer with The Royal Danish Ballet which is located in Copenhagen if you were wondering. I live with my pup (puppy) and I do ballet pretty much every day. Besides that, I love taking picture and if you are just as fascinated by pretty movements caught in pretty photos then I think and hope this blog will be something for you. I am going to take you behind the curtains of the ballet world and show you all the not so perfect moments. But if you ask med those are the most interesting once. It will be a blog with lots of dancing and backstage photos, but there will be no “how to get a ballet body” workouts or any of that kind. Just a place for me to share my passion for ballet and photography.

Besides all of this I am not very good at writing so don’t judge my spelling. There is a reason why I became a dancer…