This was a couple of weeks ago but it was so fun and I made amazing memories with my family. It was my cousin, Andy's, wedding and he invited the whole family and everybody showed up except for my dad's oldest sister and her kids. I was so happy to see everybody again and meet my uncle and two cousins that live in Switzerland. They are so nice and probably my favorite cousins. The first day I got there I stayed about 20 min outside of Cleveland at my mom's old college friend and hung out with her kids and then the next day I went to The West Side Market and had some crepes and then went to the hotel that the whole family was staying at. I hung out with my family except for the one getting married, his sister who was a bridesmaid, and his brother who was a groomsman.  Getting to know my family and catching up with what everybody's been doing since I last saw them was amazing. The day of the wedding I saw them from the wedding until about midnight, when the reception ended. The next morning we all had breakfast together and said our goodbyes, I spent some more time with some of my family, with my uncles I went back to The West Side Market and after that I went to my aunt's farm about two hours east of Cleveland and had dinner there and I spent time with my aunt and my other cousin and her adorable Alaskan kleikai(a type of dog, I probably didn't spell that right. After that I headed home stopping at my grandparents on the way. 


    *The extra e is for pronunciation purposes

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