The world is like a book And those who do not travel read only one page
It is better to see it once Than hear about it a thousand times

I finally did eye laser surgery. It has actually been over a month now, but I wanted to wait until the check up to blog, which was this morning.

So, this story kind of started last summer, when I got an eye infection. Up until then I had had contacts, since I was 14 or something. And since High School I had the 24/7 contacts, which I only had to take out and change once a month. So, having bad sight was nothing that I though about more than 10 seconds a month when I changed the lenses, until last year then. Having infection was the worst, it felt like my eyes were on fire sometimes, so in the end I went to the hospital (before moving to China). The doctor gave me some antibiotic drops and told me that I couldn't wear lenses for the rest of the year and even after that I had to wear dailies. This meant glasses. I wore them for about a month but yeah, you know me and listening to people, so I started to wear my lenses anyway from time to time. Having to wear glasses was never really an option for me. They are unpractical and I think it's ugly.

During this whole thing my friend Ikhlas had done laser surgery in the summer and I started to ask her about it. She said it was the best investment she had ever made. She could see! I considered it for a while, especially those days when my contacts started to give me trouble again haha. I found a company in Gothenburg that just had a promotion for students, so I booked an appointment for an examination during the winter break to see if I was even a valid candidate for surgery. I also googled a lot, and became very nervous after reading weird stories, but I convinced my self to at least go to the appointment and get some more information. I went with my mom and they did a lot of funny high-tech tests, and somehow I ended up with an appointment for the surgery in 10 days, as they had a cancelled time slot. Laser with NoCut, which is the least invasive eye surgery there is today. The clinic is really professional and I got a good first impression. They explained the whole procedure and how the laser works. Nonetheless, I still wasn't sure about this whole thing, worried about the possible side effects. Although, they had said that there is no way to go blind and also my sight couldn't get worse than what it was, but still I wasn't totally convinced. I talked to some other friend who had done it 1.5 years ago, and she also said that it was all good. She even asked other friends who have done it (so sweet) and they were all happy with it.

Time passed and the day for surgery came. I went in, still not sure about it haha, but going with the flow. The day started with a nurse giving me some more instructions, papers, painkillers and several eyedrops, and pills that were supposed to get me calm. Those did NOT work haha. Then I had to wait for a while until everything kicked in and then the doctor came and also did some checks before he told me to go into the room where the laser was. I was super nervous but lied down. The nurses were sweet and tried to calm me. Then the doctor came and they put some things that would keep my eyes open. I asked one last time "will this hurt?" but he said NO. And surprisingly it didn't hurt a bit. Basically the surgery was me looking into a green blinking light for a minute with each eye. The light slowly got blurrier and then BAM it was done. The only thing that hurt a little bit was when they flushed my eyes with some cold liquid and some drops fell down on my cheek.. kind of the same feeling as going outside on a cold Swedish winter day. The whole thing really did not take more than a couple of minutes. Then the doctor told me to sit up and open my eyes. My first though was "OMG I'm not blind, so far so good". I could even see a lot better than before, still blurry but a loooot better. Then they took me to a dark room and gave me some fika and told me to leave when I was ready. I went home, and for the first two hours I was totally fine. Then, meanwhile talking to Ikhlas on the phone it slowly started to hurt. I guess the painkillers wore off. It hurt a lot for about two days. It came in waves kind of and it felt like having schampoo in your eyes, but there was nothing I could do. I had gotten a lot of different drops, antibiotics and pain killers that I had to take regularly (like every 10 minutes for the moisturizing one). And also I could not stand any light, ANY! I was basically locked up in my dark room for 3 days. As my friend said, it was like being a vampire.. light killed me! I couldn't look in the fridge or at my phone even so my boyfriend had to come and feed me and change my podcasts when they ended. It was like that for 3-4 days, but it felt like an eternity, super boring, and well the first two days also super painful. The 5th day I went back to the clinic and they took out the bandade lenses. At that time I was still very, very sensitive to light I remember.
The whole thing took a week, and then I was good. Almost. I had some double vision for a couple of days.. which made thesis writing interesting hehe. And also one of the drops I took made my sight a bit blurry. So it wasn't until the 3rd week (when I could stop taking those drops) that I could see totally perfect. And now 6 weeks later on the check up they said everything looks fine and the healing process is good. It takes about 1 year until the sight gets stable, but so far I have been able to see perfectly for 3 weeks now. There is no way to tell for how long the sight will be perfect after laser, as eyes grow and it is very individual. It could be until you get old but it could also start changing in 10 years or so. At least this clinic have a 5 year guarantee, so economically it's the same as buying lenses for that long.

So, this has been a long and detailed description of the whole thing hehe, but honestly I wish I had found a post like this before doing the surgery. If you have any questions though, feel free to ask!!
All in all, based on my experience so far I would recommend doing laser. But maybe, the first resort should be trying the 24/7 lenses, because honestly, for about 7 years I never had any trouble with being nearsighted. But still, it feels good to be able to see without anything and all the time :D

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Now that I am back in Sweden me and my friend Pamela visited our other friend living in Västerås, a city just outside of Stockholm. It's a looong 4 hour train trip to get here, but we ended up watching the second movie of 50 shades of grey on the train.. awkward hehe. And yesterday we went to the cinema and watched the 3rd and final one. Other than that we have mostly been chilling and having our usual girl talk, went out bowling and to restaurants. Today we are going to an indoor waterpark with slides and jaccuzzi. Can't wait!



The vacation is coming to It's end. It has been an amazing long weekend at this resort. Lots of relaxing and doing nothing hehe. I dont have much to add to the pictures really, they speak for them selves. The hotel we stayed at is a huge resort with three restaurants, three pools and spa. In the summer they have a lake with water sports to enjoy and now during the winter it was just beautiful. So sad to go back to real life after this 😟



For my boyfriend's birthday I got him a trip to Vilnius. We arrived in the evening yesterday. Traveling within the EU countries is so much easier now that internet data can be used according to the home country plan, aaand there is Uber. Almost as cheap as the Chinese Didi, I've been missing it hehe. So the ride to the hotel was smooth, though the resort is a bit outside of Vilnius city. Today after breakfast we took the resort's shuttle bus to the city centre. We walked around a mall and found a great sushi place. Afterwards we went sightseeing around the old town. Visited St Annes Church, and then I though we could walk back to the mall but for some reason I guided us the opposite way haha, so we ended up Ubering back, only 1km but it is cold outside. The place we are staying at looks like a winter wonderland. I'll take some pics tomorrow. Anyways, we discovered another mall and had a quick walk around there as well but decided to go back to that same sushi place for a round two. In the evening we took the shuttle bus back to the resort and now we are chilling, going to check out the SPA and pool soon.

Vilnius a quite a cozy place, especially the old town. Although, not really much going on haha. But I like vacation destinations like this, then there is enough time to just chill and enjoy.



Such an ugly rainy day today. In the evening however I fought the rain and wind, almost got blown away, but I made it into the city center where I met boyfriend for a date in a restaurant neither of us had been to before. I had filet mignon black & white and he had flambed pepper steak. Okey, so this was a really needed dinner. Have to fill up on meat before heading back to China haha. Afterwards we went for some quick shopping and dessert. Cheesecake, the other thing I can't have enough of.



You know, I never like doing chores or working on Mondays.. couse Mondays are depressing enough #garfield. So instead of studying or going to the gym today I went to visit Gothenburg University for a meeting, talking about Fudan and Shanghai. Felt superweird going back to my faculty after a whole year. Afterwards I decided to go for a quick shopping with my mom. I needed to buy new sunglasses. Or actually, my first real sunglasses as all the ones I have now are from ebay or sketchy stores and probably without any UV protection at all. But they look nice, which is often more important than function haha. More than that, I cooked dinner and then watched Netflix. Then suddenly I heared someone throw something at our window, and then I saw my boyfriend waving. He came to surprise me with roses since it's the 8th today and he has been busy studying for an exam the past days. So I had him pose for the blog :D



My biggest achievement 2017 has been my move to China. I went through with it, even though I had serious doubts. Now I'm so thankful for these last months. So here comes the second part of my 2017.

My first days in Shanghai I spent with my mom who came with me as a support for the big move.

We went sightseeing to two of the ancient towns..

I finally moved in to my new apartment, that I found thanks to my Chinese friend Candice.

I went sightseeing around campus, and also managed to get my Chinese residence permit.

And then of course I partied quite a lot, with view over beautiful Shanghai.

I spent most of my time with school though.

Writing my Master Thesis, but also trying to enjoy China.

I went on the weirdest lunch with a professor.. ended up dancing.

Also went for Indian dinner a couple of times with friends.

And of course we went out for Halloween!

My boyfriend came to visit me in Shanghai, and we stayed at the coolest hotel by the Bund.

We went sightseeing..

and visited the Shanghai version of Disneyland.

Then me and my China friends went to South Korea, and almost North Korea haha

Ohh and I started taekwondo for a while there. I also had three weeks of Gothenburg Uni's snapchat account. And I went to some nice foot massages :D

I celebrated Christmas Eve with friends.



Going through my old blogs I can't believe how much I've done in one year. 2017, what a wonderful year this has been.

I went skiing

And indoor beach volleyball with my former classmates a couple of times, and also co kart evening.

I had my eyebrows done, and fainted for the first time in my life. I also said goodbye to my home university where I had studied for four years of my life.

I spent a lot of time in the gym, and even met Sweden's biggest female bodybuilder at a convention held at my gym.

I celebrated Easter with my classmates.

I went to my friend's baby shower. Now the little girl Chanelle is here :)

I visited the UN headquarter in Vienna with my former classmates.

And on the way I spent a couple of days in Budapest with my boyfriend and his sister's family.

I went to a farm as an outing with uni haha. And also to Liseberg, an amusement park in Gothenburg.

I visited my friend Jessi in Birmingham where we also went to a fitness convention.

I went to Västerås to visit my friend, and Raji came to Gothenburg to visit me.

And then me and boyfriend were off to our big vacation of the year. We went on a cruise starting from Miami.

Visiting St Marteen.

Puerto Rico!

And Bahamas.

Then we spent a week chilling at Miami beach.

And I went on a vacation to Budapest again :)

Stay tuned for Part 2, the China part of the year.



I made it home! It was a long flight, thankfully not so painful as the seat next to me was empty, so I could just lie down all the way. Besides me getting lost in Copenhagen, everything went smoothly. My boyfriend and his cousin picked me up at the airport. Feels so good to breathe fresh air and being in this Scandinavian atmosphere. To be honest though, it's like I never even left Sweden, like the four months living in China never happened.

I went for some shopping yesterday with boyfriend, and bought a lot of new clothes. Even a new winter jacket. In the evening we went to his house and chilled with the family. His mom hade made me pho, my favourite soup. Today I drove to the airport and picked up my family. We had pizza and celebrated a late Christmas. It's really cozy here in Gothenburg compared to China. Although, a bit annoying that it's so crazy dark almost all day. Now I'm soon going to the gym here, my second home hehe.



This is sad, but true. On Christmas day I had class all evening, listening to budgeting, taxes and honestly, I don't even know what couse I wasn't listening that much. You can see on the pictures below how we all felt about class on Christmas. Without snow though, it doesn't even feel like it's the Holidays. However, tomorrow I'm leaving towards the cold. I just finished cleaning my room and packing. It feels so surreal. I had my final presentation this morning, and finally finished one of my courses officially. After class me and my friends went for a goodbye lunch. Wontons of course hehe. And then I had my last bike ride home. Because, even though I learned to bike for real in China, this is not something I will do in Gothenburg, as there are too many hills. I also just said goodbye to my South Korean room mate. I left him my leftover sweets and 1. I found out that my flight is NOT 8 hours as I thought, but almost 12 #killmenow. The worst part is that I will have to do my take home exam for quantitative research methods on the plane, as there is no way I want to think about that sh*t in Sweden. And 2. when I said that I'm planning on taking the metro to the airport he looked at me surprised and asked why I'm not just taking the shuttle bus. So apparently, instead of having to metro 1.5 hours to the airport and change 3 times, there is a direct express bus that goes from just outside my apartment.. only took four months to find this out haha. I hope it shows up though, I really don't feel like getting stuck in China. So hopefully next time I'm blogging will be from my beloved clean Nordic atmosphere.