Organic food for your baby ❤

As I told you earlier, I'm trying to give my son all organic foods his first years, so that he can grow up strong and healthy. I've tried to give him glutenfree and milk free food. Since scientists have found out that it's not good to eat much of those such young. If you give your baby from a young age (4-6months) lots of gluten, she or he will have a higher risk of developing celiac. This however, is opposite of what the nurses will tell you. They are saying if you give your baby gluten from 4 months and latest 6 months old, you will reduce the risk of celiac. Then again, this is each individual's choice and I'm only trying to advise people for a healthier planet 🌍
The world today is hard and difficult. Everyday I see people buying crap food in the market due to economy, and because of this our planet has to suffer for it through giant companies who swallows our money like a nonsense and destroys the earth without people knowing about it. This makes me both sad and mad, how how how could it get this far?? And the worst is that people keep using and eating this kind of food which will in time develope cancer. OK, everything nowadays gives you cancer they say but why would you want to risk that?

Off topic again! These last few days I have started to give our son more to eat during day. He gets oatmeal for breakfast and evening meal, for lunch I normally give him some mashed fruit and for dinner some mashed veggies. Every meal is a competition against his will at first but now one week after his "refuse to eat anything rage" he finally eats! It's such a relief as a mother who breastfeeds when you see your baby happy and satisfied from other food than your milk, and that he enjoys it too! Don't read me wrong, I love breastfeeding and it's absolutely the best nutrition for a baby, but you get so stuck with the baby you can bearly leave him/her with someone else for more than 2 hours.
I really recommend the oatmeal from HIPP! , this is the porridge that our son actually enjoys and wants. Before this I also tried rice and hirs porridge, but those he never liked like this one. The only thing I'm sad about it is that's it doesn't say it's glutenfree! Oat itself is glutenfree but if it has been handled in the same area as other things with gluten they can't write this on the package. I wish they could prior this from now because glutenfree for babies is getting popular!

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