This video is so repressive, and every person who finds it funny, is normalizing the repressive tactics men use to objectify women.
Men, stop spreading the idea that females can't respect themselves and enjoy being sexual at the same time.
Women, please do yourselves a favor, and educate yourselves on which tactics men use to shame you into never being liberated.

From Monica Lewinsky to Angela Merkel to Kim Kardashian, and to that girl who sat next to you in class.. There has not been a woman on earth who has not been turned into a sexual object and then judged by women and men, from all over the world.

If not for having too much sex, then for not having sex at all.
Having sex has become a parameter for exclusively determining a woman's worth. Ultimately, it is the perfect way of repressing women and maintaining control of them.
So how has this perverse sense of ownership, men have over women's bodies survived to this day?

By confusing women and making them fight each other over who can earn the most respect from a male.
How do they do that?

Let me tell you how, sis.

- They objectify you and shame you for being sexual, as well as for not being sexual enough. They do this by:
1) Shaming you when you choose to benefit from this objectification (by for example making million of dollars, out of their desires like the Kardashians), they call you a slut, shame you and tell you, that you are not 'respecting yourself.' They call you these things, because women shouldn't be able to benefit from oppression, and you making money/loving yourself does the opposite of what they want.
2) By telling you that you are oppressed when you choose to cover your body and hair (Like muslim women). Again, they shame you, tell you that you are weak, and that you should not hide how you look. (Since looking at a woman who does not want to be looked at is more exciting for them and women choosing to hide their looks is offensive to these men.)

After making every single choice women make look wrong, they make women fight each other on who has 'more self respect' or who is more 'liberated', and without realizing it, you as a woman, are helping men oppress other women, so that you can feel respected. You do not even realize that by fighting against your own gender, you already lost your self-respect.

You want to start respecting yourself? Fine. Stop allowing men to shame women, and by that I mean every single woman. Women have been socialized to try to please men, always, so I know it is hard for you. But, if you do not educate yourself on the matter, you are allowing men to dominate over women.
Furthermore, hurting other women to benefit men, is one of the most self-loathing acts you can commit as a woman, and attacking women for being different from you, will only backfire on you in the long run, when you cant get that job, because you have breasts.