I know I promised to give you the preach but I was in adventure today and I just have to tell you!!!!
I was working in impact cafe first until 12, then Tiff picked me up and we went out to check out prices for, I'm not kidding, a TATTOO!!!!
So nowadays I have a tattoo!!!!
It's just crazy :D
Look at me growing up being independent ;)
This trip have given me a lot of firsts and I feel how I'm growing.

I made a cross on my wrist so when people ask me where or when I got it I can say "oh I got it my year I'm Australia". That dose sound cool :p

This journey is just amazing. It's all I wanted it to be and more
Yes I miss home but this is my home to so it will be painful to leave when it's time to :(
Im growing, I'm getting independent, I'm taking chances, I'm living, I'm making memories, I'm finding new parts of me I never knew existed!

I'm so deeply happy!

And I will tell you about the preach, possible tomorrow but if not definitely on Friday cuz I'm free that day :)

See ya mate!

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