So.... I was without wifi haha
I couldn't update :p
Stayed at a pastor couple from Saturday to today because I went to the church in Bondi this time ^^ it was lovely!!
But one thing at at time.
Yesterday I was with this pastor couple, pastor Joy and pastor Mark :)
It was lovely, also pastor Joy is in charge with kids church every Sunday so all the kids leaders or people that help out with the kids where there for a meeting :)
Made it less boring for me without wifi ;)
Then we got invited to a bbq at Ariels place with her family which was lovely ^^
Got back to where I was going to sleep and saw part of a movie before i went to bed. The movie seemed good, called "limitless" :)

Today I had to get up early :( at six!!!
But I had a lovely day^^ I had the kids with one of Ariels brothers, Jackson and it was nice. Only four kids but still ^^ apparently one of the boys we had is a very judgemental boy, but he hold my hand so his mom said that he must like me :D that made me happy ^^
Also me and Jackson went down to the beach and a little in the water so I can actually say I've been on Bondi beach ;) it was just great :D
Now I'm at impact waiting :p they are doing a big move with gym stuff so I'll be here a while now :p

Now let's spam you all with pictures ;)

See ya mate!

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