So today it was Australia Day :D
I had a wonderful day ^^
First I had a great sleep in ;)
Then I went to a plant shop with Greg and Dawn to buy new plants for the house. We had lunch there to and it was really, really nice!!! I took some pictures there to ;) some things were just really cool!

Then me and Greg trained Duke, I'm really getting it. Bits are falling to place so I'm definitely getting better! I have really much to learn of course but I'm starting to get the thinking and the feeling. It's just wonderful ^^

After that I got picked up by the family I've been spending some time with, the ones I went in bush walk with. Spent the evening with them celebrating the Australia Day ;) I learnt the most odd thing though. I thought having sausages in white toast bread was weird... Today I learnt that they do the same with CHIPS?!?! (Fries I wold say but oh well) isn't that just really wears? They take a slice of bred, put chips (fries) on it, then ketchup or bbq souse, the next slice of bread and then it it like that?!?! I tried but it wasn't the most tasty I've eaten x) it wasn't disgusting but I just prefer to eat my chips the way they are x)
We also saw fireworks and I spent a lot of the evening laughing xP
Had a great time ^^

See ya mate!

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