I am terrible sorry :/ I just don't have that much energy :p
I've started to work in the caffe now and I'm their runner so I'm just all over all the time x)

I have to tell you though so tomorrow I MUST!
I have to just do it!!!
This time I really promise even if I have to stay up all night!

Yesterday I got a package from mom which was a marabou milk chocolate!!!!!! Just amazing so I ate some tonight and I'm sad to say I had forgotten it taste :( the first bite tasted weird :o it was so strange but I've discovered that taste is connected to memory. As soon as I ate I was back in Sweden, In my room eating melted chocolate watching a movie in my sofa ^^ it really reminded me of home :o so just that taste took me right back to where I belong :) but yes, I had forgotten how it tasted :/ the first bite then I remembered why I loved it so much ;)

See ya mate!

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