Monday: Library all day finishing up an essay, coffee with a friend in between studying. Uni party later, but might skip that & just go to the gym & try to collect maximum energy for the last week of school stuff.
Tuesday: Studying for my last exam all day, posting a collab & my fave sweaty workout in the evening.
Wednesday: My last lecture of the year, studying for my exam, posting a collab, pr Christmas event in the evening.
Thursday: Studying for my exam, what’s new? Later on I have three pr Christmas parties to attend, we will see how many I will actually reach haha..
Friday: Last day studying for the exam, probably all stressed out knowing myself.. Also a Christmas party with Uni friends in the evening.
Saturday: My last exam for the year, after which my holiday officially starts! Ahh I’m so longing for this day, I really need the break. Celebrating my cousins birthday & also marking 4.5 years with my love. <3
Sunday: Barre with mum in the morning, my fave Sunday activity. Meeting up with my girls from high school later on!



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