Hello my friends.

I know that I am not really up-to-date with my blog... and I am truly sorry but I promise to update it more.

My October was great. I got to go to the Niagara Falls and to Toronto *_*

It was a long drive up to Canada - 10h - but we made it and it was totally worth it. The Niagara Falls are breathtakingly beautiful and super cool to look at. After that we drove to Toronto and there we stayed at a couchsurfing place which was... let's say adventerous.

I still really like it here in the United States and am super happy that I found an awesome family who supports me in whatever it is.

Enough from me - enjoy some pics!

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We were supposed to be in Texas for the weekend but sadly we had to cancel our plans to visit my hostmoms familie because of the hurricane.... So my hostparents decided last minute to visit my hostdads family in New Jersey and then drive up to New York City which was pretty cool too, tbh :D

So we spent the first night at my hostdad's mom's house and she has a lake in her backyard. That was amazing because we could go fishing and swimming in that lake. Anyways, later that day we drove up to Hoboken, New Jersey to go out for dinner with family. We went to a cute little italien restaurant and I even saw the Cake Boss bakery. heheh

We arrived at our hote in Midtown Manhattan pretty late but damn... it was a fancy hotel. My room was in the 31st floor and I had an amazing view over Manhattan. The first day was spent in Central Park, just walking around and enjoying the park. It was amazing to see some of the places where the TV show Gossip Girl was filmed. (I love that show!)

While the boys had their afternoon nap, I decided to walk through Manhattan by myself. I walked to all the tourists spots like Times Square, Rockefeller Center and went to Starbucks for coffee :) In the evening I watch the boys for a few hours, and we had a lot of fun.

The next morning my host mom and I went out to get some coffee and bagels (NYC has the best bagels, seriously you have to eat bagels while in NYC)

We also went to the National History Museum, to China Town and to the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue Of Liberty.

I will definitely go back to NYC one time.

What else can I tell ya? Currently I am planing my trip to Austin, TX in a few weeks and I am super excited to drive up to the niagara Falls in two weeks.

- Julie / xoxo



Baltimore Orioles vs. Los Angeles Angels

What an amazing experience that game was. So happy that my hostfamily took me with them and I even was allowed to bring a friend. We had pretty good seats, too. I still have some troubles with the rules of that game but hey, that's something I can learn. In my opinion going to a baseball game is part of the american culture experience and I definitely will go to one again.

Otherwise my free time is spent in the mall, in Annapolis harbor or binge watching shows on Netflix. (:

If you have any questions about being an au pair in the states, just shoot me a message.

- Julie / xoxo



Hey everone. Long time no see.

I am already in my third month here in Maryland and I am super happy. A lot of things are going on and I met a lot of great people. A few weeks ago I made a day trip up to Philadelphia with Anna. We had to get up pretty early to get to the bus station in Baltimore. It took us about 2 hours by bus to get to Philly, which isn't too bad.

Once arrived in Philadelphia we went to explore the city and I have to say, it truly is a beautiful city. All those nice buildings and gorgeous streets. I loved it. We even made a bus tour through Philly. We went to see the Rocky Steps, the Liberty Bell, China Town, The Hard Rock Cafe and all of the other tourist places. Sadly the love park was close... Well, at least we have an excuse to go there again.

Overall we had an amazing and fun time.

- Julie / xoxo



Hello everyone!

I am in the states for exactly one month and two days now. So far everything is going fine. My workdays are good and the boys P and L are adorable and behave good - for the most time. I get along perfect with my host-parents, they are truly nice and amazing people.

What have I done so far? I met up with Annie, a friend whom I met via twitter because we liked the same show and somehow it turned out that we live kinda close bye here in the states. Isn't that awesome? We went to Six Flags America and had a fantastic day.

I also have spent a day in Washington, DC. with Damaris, another Au Pair who I've met here. We rented bikes and drove through the city - trying to catch all of the tourist spots. It's such a beautiful city and I am definitely gonna be there more often since it's only one hour away from here.

Some of my free time was spent with Anna, she lives really close bye and I met her in the training school in NY. Once we had brunch at hers, we went shopping, went to the cheesecake factory and to the Annapolis harbor. It's so lovely here. Yesterday we actually were cooking for my host mom and we had a lot of fun. So glad I met here and that she lives close to me.

What else can I tell you.... Right, my hostfamily took me on vocation with them. We spent a few days up in Beach Haven, New Jersey with the family of my host-dad. It was amazing. Beautiful beach city, really nice beaches, warm weather, good seefood and a lot of friendly people. I have to admit, it's weird to be on vocation with a strange family but they were super nice to me and included me in everything. We spent the most time on the beach, listened to country music and went out for dinner - I got a little mad that I wasn't allowed to pay for anything at all... not even ice cream hahah - I drove home with my host-mom earlier because she had to work but my host-dad and the kids are still there so I have some free time. yeeeey

See you!

- Julie / xoxo

PS: My host.-mom made me obsessed with "Chicken Fried" from Zac Brown. It's a country song and I kind of listen to it non-stop.



Hello everybody!

I know I haven't updated y'all here for a long time. That was partly because I was super busy and partly because I was too tired to do anything. hahah

Anyways, my adventure officially started on the 26th of June. The week before that day was spent with saying goodbye to my relatives and freinds. That was really hard. I already miss my little cousins and everyone soooo much.

On that day I had to be up at 2 AM because we had do drive to the airport pretty early. My mom and my stepdad drove me to the airport and waited for me to be checked in. That all went really well but I had to day goodbye. Goodbye to the people I love the most and goodbye to my home. It wasn't easy at all.

After saying goodbye (and maybe or maybe not crying a little) my journey to the USA started. I had to catch a connection flight in Madrid/Spain and I nearly missed that one because there were so many people waiting in the line for the passport control. No worries, I made it to my gate - just 5 minutes before my boarding time was ending. haha

Once landed in NYC I needed to go through passport and visa controll again and I was super happy when everything was going well. I picked up my luggage and made my way to the exit where a staff member of cultural care was waiting for me. I even had a privat driver who drove me to the training school in Tarrytown, NY. During the one and a half hour drive we passed Manahttan, drove through the Bronx and had a lot of fun talking. I was so glad to finally be in the training school and everyone was super nice. I shared a room with Anna; who's living closebye and Camila who's also not that far away from me. During the school we learned some basics and had a CPR class. Overall it was a fun time and I met a lot of great people. One afternoon was spent in NYC and we went on 'Top Of The Rock' - AMAZING VIEW OVER NYC. I'm already in love with that city.

On friday it was time to get to my host family. The bus tour started at around 9 AM and was amazing. We talked a lot and even had live music because a friend, Amy, brought her guitar. (: I got more nervous with each minute we got closer to my destination. Around 3 PM we finally arrived in Baltimore and I already did sport my host-mom, the two lovely boys and their old Au Pair. I am not gonna lie, I was pretty damn nervous but they are super awesome people and they even had a 'welcome Julia' sign with them - isn't that just super cute?

I took a ride home with my host mom and the kids and the Au Pair took the other car. It felt weird to suddenly be here but it was the good king of weird.

The first weekend actually was pretty hectic because my host-parent had friends with two kids over and it was the 4th of July weekedn. On Friday we had Tacos (first ever tacos for me and they were freaking yummy), on Saturday we had a Burger BBQ with friends and neighbours and on Sunday we had Maryland crabs. Monday was spent in Annapolis and on Tuesday we went to the local 4th of July parade. OMG there were so many cool cars - I think I am in love. hahah Anyways, Wednesday came and so the first 'normal' work day. We woke up the kids, got them ready for school and drove them there. Then we had off from 8;30 AM to 4 PM. And what do girls do during their freetime? Yes, we went shopping and their old Au Pair showed me around in the neighbourhood. At 4 we picked up the boys from school, played with them, made them dinner, played a bit more and then mommy and daddy arrived from work and took over.

Yesterday was my first official day alone with the boys and everything went well. We had a lot of fun and I think it's gonna be a great year. Today was the same and we even went to the pool and had some pizza in the evening.

I have to say, I couldn't have picked a better family to spend my Au Pair year with. Eventhough I slowly feel the homesickness kicking in, I know that I am gonna have a lot of fun here in the USA.

To be continued....

- Julie xoxox



Hola everyone!

There's only 10 days left and I'll be on my way to NYC to attend the au pair school for five days. After that my journey will lead me to Maryland.. About a month ago I matched with my future host-family and last friday I drove to Vienna to the american embassy to apply for my Visa and it gladly got accepted - yeeeey!

Tomorrow we'll have a little goodbye party with familie, friends and neighbors. It's still weird to think that in ten days I'll leave my home and be abroad for an entire year but I am so so so looking forward to it. It's gonna be amazong eventhough there definitely will be times where I'll be homesick.


Jetzt wird es dann erst. Nur mehr 10 Tage und ich werde endlich auf den Weg nach NYC sein. Dort werde ich zuerst auf die Au Pair Schule gehen und danach komme ich nach Maryland. Vor circa einen Monat habe ich endlich mit meiner zukünftigen Gastfamilie gematched und letzten Freitag war ich auf dem Amerikanischen Konsulat in Wien um ein Visum zu beantragen - was auch super geklappt hat - yeeeey!

Morgen werden wir eine kleine Abschiedsfeier mit Freunden, Familie und Nachbarn feiern. Ich kann es noch immer nicht glauben das ich schon in 10 Tagen meine Heimat verlassen werde und ein Jahr in den USA verbringen werde aber ich freu mich wirklich schon riesig darauf. Es wird bestimmt eine super Erfahrung auch wenn ich weiß das es bestimmt Zeiten gibt in denen ich Heimweh haben werde.

- Julie / xoxo



Hey everyone!

I truly hope y'all are doing good. I am here to give you a quick up-date.

Last Weekend I was in Blackpool (UK) for a convention of my favorite TV show called Supernatural. Some of you might know it. The convention took place from Friday to Sunday. I met up with a friend from Germany at the Airport in Manchester on Thursday and we took the train to Blackpool. Eventhough our hotel was like super shitty we had a great stay. We went to the beach on Thursday evening and I even had time to study a little for my upcoming finals.

On Friday we had to get up early to get to the hotel in which the convention was held. We registered, collected our pre-orders and got us something to eat in a nearby fish and chips restaurant. I have to say, no matter where you're going nearly everyone greets you with 'hey darling, hey love..' and I loved that.

On Saturday we had to get up pretty early as well - yay! We were so excited. We spent the morning in the huge hall where the stage talks of the guests took place. Since we had to get photo ops and autographs from nearly every attending guest, it was kinda busy. We headed from stage talk to autograph sessions to photo op session - but it totally was worth it. We also met a bunch of new friends who are truly amazing! I love the #spnfamily, you just have to feel comfortable around them. What a lovely community.

On Sunday it was the same; running from stage talk to autograph sessions to photo ops. Sadly, every weekend comes to an end and so did #asylum18. We spent our Sunday evening in the hotel bar and walked back to our hotel on the beach. We got us some Pizza (best freaking Pizza I've ever had the pleasure of eating); watched some TV and went to bed.

On Monday we had to get back to the airport in Manchester. Yay - 1 hour and 40 minutes by train. We sadly had to split up because my friend and I had to be at different terminals... Saying goodbye really does suck :(

Once I landed in Munich, Germany, I had to learn that the airline lost my luggage and they sent me home without any informations. Anyways, gladly they found it and delieverd it to me four days later!

Overall it was an amazing weekend with lots of funny and great experiences with the SPN cast. Those guys and girls really do rock - you gotta check them out. Best cast anyone could wish for. I am not kidding.

And the best news I've got for y'all? I FINALLY got matched with a beautiful family! Now I only have to get my visa done and I can leave Austria for a year abroad. If everything goes like planned, then I'll be in the states by the end of June/beginning of July!

That's all for now. Hope you guys had an amazing weekd!

- Julie / xoxo

Misha Collins - truly and angel / all of the other cast members who attended / David and Adam - god, that was hilarious

Blackpool beach was beautiuful - we had a lot of und there and the view was just breathtaking



Hola guys!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Mine was amazing. I was in Vieanna with a good friend of mine and we had a lot of fun.

I left work early on Friday because we drove to Vienna by train and it is a three and a half hour train ride to the city. We arrived savely in our hotel, that by the way was beautiful, and checked in. After we settled down in the hotel we went to a cinema to see "Fast and Furious 8" - I loved it but it isn't the same without Paul Walker (RIP). Since we both were really tired we decided to walk back to the Hotel, after the movie was finished, to get some sleep.

On the next day we got up pretty early, had breakfast, went to the zoo, saw the Schönbrun Palace, walked through the Natural History Museum and went to the 'Prater' where we had a lot of fun. The evening was spent in the hotel bar and we had a really good Whiskey *_*

On Sunday we got up early as well and we had a wonderful breakfast in the hotel. After that we had to check out but glady we were allowed to leave our luggage in the hotel while we were exploring Vienna. We went to downtown Vienna, were on top of the Donauturm and had a great time at 'Timetravel Vienna'. As the name says, it's a guided timetravel tour.

We arrived back home at around 10 PM and were exhausted but we had a fantastic time

- Julie / xoxo


In front of the Palace / we had no plan where we were going / view from our hotel balcony / selfie on balcony haha

Vienna downtown / view from the Donauturm / it was kinda windy on top of the Tower / Vienna downtown



Hey, everyone :)

Last weekend was amazing. I had friends over from Finland (we missed R from Germany a lot - sadly she had to work) and we had so freaking much fun. I picked them up from the airport in Salzburg on Thursday evening. Friday was spent in Salzburg; we went to see the fortress, the Getreidegasse where Mozart was born, got us some Starbucks -yummy- and went to see the Mirabell Palace. We had a little time left by the time we got home so we drove to a little mountain hut.

On Saturday we drove to Hallein to see the salt mines. If you've ever watched My Bloody Valentine, you know how 'scary' mines can be but we had a lot of fun and my friends loved it there. (I've seen the mines too many times now haha) After that we drove to the shopping center and got us some food and coffee and of course did some shopping. When we arrived home, my mom awaited us with Schnitzel- a traditional Austrian food. On the evening we went to a small local bar and I think it's save to say that N and O got a culture shock. Weird how different living and partying can be around the world.

Sadly it was bad weather on Sunday so we decided to sleep in and we had lunch (Raclett = dinner with loooots of cheese) with my family. From time to time somone of my big family showed up to wish a Happy Easter to my mom and all of us. After all that food and a delicious ice we watched TV, talked and had fun. In the afternoon we drove to the very end of our village and went to a beautiful waterfall. The night was spent with watching TV and being silly.

What's after Sunday? Monday... that's right. On the last day we had to get up kinda early because we were going out for brunch. It was delicious. hehe After brunch we drove back to my home and spent the little time we had left with talking, listening to music (N & O showed me Finish music and wow, it souds weird hahah but hey, Austrian music isn't better soo...)

It was sad to have to say goodbye but it gladly wasn't a goodbye for ever. I am definitely gonna visit them in Finland and they're more than welcome to come back to Austria anytime. Who would have thought that someone you met on a weekend-convetnion could become one of your best friends. I am glad that we met and I am more than happy to consider those beautiful human beings as my friends.

Here's a link to a video from the weekend: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4xjs0r95jnthl66/Austira.mp4?dl=0

- Julie / xoxo



Hello and good day to y'all!

I am here to give you a quick update. I still haven't found a match but I am going to skype with a lovely family tomorrow afternoon. Let's see how this is gonna be.

Anyways, the last two weeks were fun. I watched 'Beauty And The Beast' and I really liked it. You have to watch it :) Last Friday I was at a concert, of a band to whom I used to listen to when I was around ten years old, in Salzburg and after the concert we went to a bar to get some drinks. Eventhough I couldn't drink anything -since I was the driver- we had a good time.

On Saturday I drove my sister back to her home and we went to get some chinese food. The 1h and 50min drive home wasn't fun at all since I was alone haha but thanks to god that there's music.

On Sunday we picked my Granny up from the retirement home she's living at and we drove to a little lake and had a fantastic time while walking around the lake and enjoying the fresh air.

Yesterday I visited my god-mother aka cousin and I picked up her little girl from the kindergarden. It's always so great when I get to do that since L always seems to be so happy about that. As soon as L sees me she starts to run towards me and screams my 'Julieeeee' and hugs me really tight heheh I also got my eyebrows and eyelashed done, because my god-mother is starting to work at a hairdresser and for that she needs to practice that kind of stuff before she's allowed to do it on actuall customers. She did a great Job, btw!

And last but not least, today I am going to drive to Salzburg after work with my stepfather to watch a soccer game and do some shopping.

That's it & wish me luck for the skype call tomorrow!

Bye, bye


Hallo an alle!

Ich bin hier um euch ein kurzes update zu geben. Ich habe noch immer keine passende Familie gefunden, habe aber morgen einen Skype-Call mit einer netten Familie. Sehen wir mal wie es laufen wird.

Wie auch immer, die letzten Wochen waren ziemlich gut. Ich haben 'Beauty And The Beast' geguckt und der Film war wirklich klasse. Ihr müsst in anschauen! :) Am Freitag war ich auf einen Konzert, einer Band die ich mit ca. zehn Jahren gehört habe, in Salzburg. Nach dem Konzert sind wir noch in eine Bar gegangen. Auch wenn ich nichts trinken konnte -ich war der Fahrer- hatten wir mega viel Spaß.

Am Samstag habe ich dann meine Schwerster zurück in die Steiermark gefahren. Wir hatten Chinesisches Essen und danach bin ich auch schon wieder nach Hause gefahren. Die 1h 50min Autofahrt war nicht so spannend, da ich allein war, aber Gott sei Dank gibt es ja Musik.

Am Sonntag haben wir meine Oma vom Altersheim abgeholt und sind mit ihr zu einem kleine See gefahren, um dort spazieren zu gehen. Auch da hatten wir jede Menge Spaß.

Gestern habe ich meine Godn aka Cousine besucht und ihre Tochter vom Kindergarten abgeholt. Es ist immer großartig, wenn ich L vom Kindergarten hole, weil sie sich immer sehr zu freuen scheint. Sobald sie mich sieht, springt sie auf, rennt zu mir, schreit 'Julieeeee' und umarmt mich ganz fest. hehe Danach hat mir meine Godn die Augenbrauen und Wimpern gefärbt, da sie das üben muss, denn sie beginnt in zwei Wochen bei einen Frisör zu arbeiten. Und bevor sie an 'richtige' Kunden darf, muss sie solche Sachen eben üben. Aber keine Sorge, sie hat das super gut gemacht!

Und heute? Heute fahre ich mit meinen Steifvater nach der Arbeit nach Salzburg, um dort ein Fußballspiel zu verfolgen und um etwas einzukaufen.

Das war's für jetzt & wünscht mir Glück für das Skypen morgen!


- Julie / xoxo

at the concert with my sister and a friend of ours :)

At the small lake with my mom and Granny :) yep, I love to climp on trees haha

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Hey everone!

That's it. I finally managed to start my own little blog - yay me! :)

In this blog, I'll tell you about me and my life. Currently I am planning on becoming an Au Pair in the United States. I was dreaming about that for over two years now, and finally I was able to let this dream come true.

Around September 2016 I attended an information meeting hosted by Cultural Care in Salzburg. They kind of told me what to expect and how it is to be an Au Pair. After that meeting I had to fill up an online application with some basic questions (i.e. why you want to become an au pair, what you expect from it, with whom you are willing to live,...) and some questions about your qualities and experiences in child care. You also could add some pictures and a short video of yourself explainig why you wanna be an Au Pair. This took me about a week, because I wanted it to be perfect :)

I was really happy when they did let me know, that I could be part of their program and they'd start the search for a host.-family. Anyways, since I can't leave Austria before July 2017, the search didn't start before about a month ago. I've got some matches since then and I already skyped with a few lovely families.

I am not gonna lie, I truly was nervous before every skype call and my heart felt like it'd jump out of my chest but the families were super nice and it went really well.

But as of right now, there hasn't been a perfect match for me. So my search will continue, but I am not giving up. I am 100% sure that I'll find a great family soon and I am determinded to let my dream of living abroad and working as an Au Pair come true.

Right now I have to concentrate on work and school. I am doing my diploma and will be finished with it by June 2017 - can't freaking wait to be finished!

I'll try to update y'all on how my search is going and on some random stuff of my daily life.

See ya! :)



Nun hab ich es endlich geschafft, meinen eigenen Blog zu starten - yay! :)

In diesem Blog werde ich versuchen, euch etwas über mich und mein Leben zu berichten. Zurzeit plane ich als ein Au Pair in die USA zu reisen und dort zu arbeiten und zu leben. Ich habe schon über zwei Jahre davon geträumt und nun war ich endlich dazu in der Lage, diesen Traum ein Stückchen näher zu kommen.

Im September 2016 besuchte ich ein Informationstreffen der Agentur Cultural Care in Salzburg. Dort haben sie uns erklärt, was es heißt ein Au Pair zu sein und was man erwarten sollte. Nach diesem Treffen war es an der Zeit die Online-Bewerbung auszufüllen. Dort musste man einige allgemeine Fragen (z.B. Warum man ein Au Pair werden will, was man sich davon erwartet, mit welchen Typ von Familie man leben will,...) und Fragen über seine Voraussetzungen und Stärken sowie seine Erfahrungen mit Kindern beantworten. Zusätzlich konnte man Bilder hinzufügen und auch ein kurzes Video über einen drehen. Dazu benötigte ich ca. eine Woche, denn ich wollte das es perfekt ist. :)

Ich war super froh, als Cultural Care mich wissen lies, dass sie mich in ihr Programm aufnehmen würden. Weil ich jedoch Österreich nicht vor Juli 2017 verlassen kann, begann die richtige/intensive Suche nach einer Gast-Familie erst vor ca. einem Monat. Ich hatte auch bereits einige Treffer mit wirklich netten Familien, mit denen ich auch videotelefonierte.

Ich werde euch nicht anlügen. Bevor jeden einzelnen skype-call war ich wirklich nervös und ich hatte das Gefühl als ob mein Herz gleich aus meiner Brust springen würde. Ich kann euch aber beruhigen, die Familien mit denen ich skypte, waren alle sehr sehr nett.

Leider jedoch war noch keine perfekte Familie für mich dabei, also werde ich noch weiter suchen. Ich bin mir sicher, dass auch ich bald eine tolle Familie finden werde.

Jetzt muss ich mich erst mal noch auf die Schule und Arbeit konzentrieren. Ich mache meine Matura und werde das letzte Fach BWL im Juni 2017 abschließen - ich kann's kaum erwarten damit fertig zu sein!

Ich versuche euch regelmäßig am Laufendem zu halten.

Man sieht sich! :)

- Julie / xoxox