Most of us spent our happiest and memorable childhood memories at the beach. Swimming, playing with sand to build molded castles and looking for sea shells on the seaside. Through the years, each one of us relives our childhood beach moments and experiences whenever we go back to the beach.

However, even though there’s an enjoyment on the sea, we cannot erase the fact that accidents and injuries can happen. Drowning is one of the leading accidentals deaths in beaches, such tragedies happen because many beach goers do not observe basic safety rules to follow when they visit the sea.

Lifesavers have the responsibility to create a safe environment where beach goers can enjoy swimming, surfing and boating without having to fear anything. It is an important task that should not be taken for granted. Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club Review (SSLSC) provides a safe and secure community for the residents and tourists of Southbourne. SSLSC is the home of a group of volunteer beach lifesavers founded in 1986. The club offers various activities for members of all ages. Most of their members consist of Young Life Savers (Nippers) who are trained in the application of rescue equipment. They also have elite members who compete in various Life Saving Sports events.

Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club inspire young people to get active, have fun with others and learn basic lifesaving skills that can be used to save themselves or others. The club does not only allow members to nurture their love for the outdoors but also their admirable desire to help keep Southbourne a safe place for the residents and tourists.

It is important to learn various lifesaving techniques, it might become useful when an unwanted situation arise. You wouldn’t know who you’re going to save, it can be the life of a family member, a co-worker, a friend or even a stranger.

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Why do many people have this urge to visit the sea any time or any season of the year? What makes us so captivated by the sea?

Since childhood we keep on going back to the sea just like a child frequently yearning for his favorite food. We swim, surf, and sail to get as close to the ocean as possible and to enjoy the comfort it brings to our body and soul.

Without a doubt, we all rely on the ocean and the resources it provides. Many people spend their time sailing in the water to make a living due to the fact that the sea has a tremendous amount of blessings. In addition, aside from being a source of livelihood, spending time at the ocean offers countless health benefits too. However, we can’t erase the fact that these bodies of water possess a great threat to our lives.

Threats of the sea are all over its surrounding. Thus, it is great to have a group of people who possesses lifesaving and safety knowledge to patrol the sea for the benefit of people in the water sailing, surfing, exploring and conducting various activities. This is why Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club – a group of lifesaving volunteers patrol the beach at Southbourne during regular weekends and on bank holidays from May to October using efficient and well-maintained motor powered boats and modern equipment.

Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club trains their members to better serve the community by protecting and making them safe while in the water. They provide trainings and fun activities in order to maintain an effective and dependable club committed in making the coastal community a safe and accident-free place.



In a general perspective, the concept of volunteering refers to providing service by free will for the benefit of the community without expecting any financial gain. The heart of volunteerism is so well and alive that it was recognized by government sectors all over the world for their excellent contribution in building and developing a safe and unified community.

Volunteerism is kept alive by dedicated organizations committed in providing community assistance in livelihood development, social integration, informal education and emergency services. Joining volunteering works isn’t just something good that people can do to make them feel great. It actually has an enormous impact on the health and wellness of a community.

You can get involved in many different volunteer opportunities in your community. For instance, you could become a volunteer to help and save a life. Having knowledge in lifesaving can be very beneficial during emergency situations. There are volunteer clubs who train even those who have no or little knowledge in lifesaving so they could use it to respond to sudden life threatening situations.

Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club is one of the clubs who protects and save lives by being a volunteer life saver in beaches of Southbourne community. The organization was established on 1986 and a member of Surf Life Saving of Great Britain (SLSGB). Their clubs are well-staffed particularly in Young Life Savers section. This is why they incorporate fun and make all their activities enjoyable along with the seriousness of instructing every member.

It is good to know that many youth and adults have the interest to learn lifesaving knowledge and skills in order to help save other lives. Volunteering is really one of the most rewarding things anyone can do.

About Surf Life Saving GB

SLSGB volunteers have been providing beach lifeguard training and patrolling the coast for more than 55 years. They train their members in beach education, lifesaving, rescue and fitness skills. Moreover, it is the awarding body for the highest standard of Beach Lifeguard Qualification in the country, and is the National Governing Body for Life Saving Sport. There are over 80 Surf Life Saving Clubs (SSLSC is one of them) and 5,000 individuals who are affiliated to SLSGB and it keeps on growing each year.



What is your favorite beach memory and experience?

As for me, building sand castles and looking for sea shells and other treasures on the shoreline was the happiest memories I spent on the beach. Simply by sitting at the beach makes me recall my idyllic childhood.

However, as we all know, the sea is safe to no one. Certainly, beaches can be a great place to have fun and to swim the vastness of the sea but anyone can be at risk if they do not follow safety rules when at the sea. Children especially, can be in danger of being dragged away by strong wave force of the sea that is beyond their control. This is why parents must watch over their children while in the water to prevent undesirable events. There are lifeguards patrolling in the vicinity for sure, but they aren’t always around to help you or others when something goes wrong.

Lifeguards play a huge role in communities because they are essential in making beaches safe and secure for the people. Lifesaving is both rewarding and a challenging task, it is a skill you can use to help save others in an unwanted situation. Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club (SSLSC) encourages children to join their club and become a volunteer beach life saver of Southbourne beach. Children in the club will be taught surf safety, basic lifesaving skills as well as surf and beach sports. It would be a meaningful childhood experience for children to get engaged in this kind of club while young.

SSLSC expanded massively since 1986 especially in the Young Life Savers section. The club provides an exceptional service to the residents and tourist of Southbourne creating a safe and healthy community for all. It offers various activities for club members where they can learn lifesaving skills and compete in Life Saving Sports events.