Hi guys,

So school has started here in Sweden. My school started 1,5 week ago so my classes have now started for real and I should be working on a Swedish group presentation that we have tomorrow, but nah. I had this idea that I would tell you all about the subjects I am taking, because it's different here than in England (something I wrote about here) and throughout the year I remember discussing the school in our countries with the other exchange students. So in England I took three subject, although four was the normal and suggested. Here, currently, I'm taking Swedish, English, Maths, Culture history, Digital creation, Choir (two different ones), Natur science, PE, Music theory, Ensemble and two different instruments. That is 13 different classes that I have, every week. The difference is, of course, that I don't have 5h of every subject each week.

In the last post, I wrote that I would be going to Nanna for a few days. It's been a while since that happened now. But it was so much fun seeing her again, and seeing how she lives and meet her friends and family that I've only heard about before. The hard thing was the language, since I had to do my best to understand Danish. But somehow we managed. We talked about our year, watched way too much of Swedish Paradise Hotel and ate a lot. But at least I managed to bring some typically Danish food with me home, so I'm counting it as a success. 

Other things I've done since the last post: We had a festival in my city (Malmöfestivalen) so I went to two different concerts, once to see Movits! and once to see Tingsek, both were really good. Timo, who I met in Edinburgh and Belfast, came to visit me and my family with his parents during their trip through Scandinavia, and that was really nice as well. Other than that, I've been hanging out with friends, driving and going to school.

My next planned trip will be this weekend, when I'm going to Stockholm for the EF Homecoming Party, so you might get an update about that at some point.

Nanna and I on the day that I left.

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I've been home for quite a while now. And it still feels just as weird as it did the first days. It's weird that everything is exactly how I left it and how I've just picked up my friendships where they used to be. It's weird that I don't get to see all of my amazing friends from England all the time, and it's weird to constantly speak Swedish. "Do you still know how to speak Swedish? You didn't forget it while you were away?" is a question I've gotten asked by many people in many different ways. Often it's followed by me answering in Swenglish (Swedish and English mixed) and a short conversation in Swenglish with the person who asked.

I've worked for three weeks, I've met up with friends, I've coloured my hair, I've spent time with the family, and I've started playing in the marching band again. I went on a small vacation with my parents to Gothenburg and in just 4 days I am going to Denmark to stay at Nanna's place for a few days and I couldn't be more excited. I have one week of work left and school starts in less than a month. Life is doing it's best to go back to normal.

Pic1: Marstrand with the family. Pic2: Stephanie and I yesterday on our way to eat sushi and do some shopping. Pic3: Me, Klara and Stephanie on our way to a party. Pic4: Emma and I biking along the coast for ice cream. 



...we decided to go to the beach as a last opportunity to hang out with everyone. Unfortunately everyone couldn't come, but we ended up being a good group either way.

Me, Lilly, Bea (from the Netherlands) and Nanna.

"Take a picture with Rosie in the background" said Lilly, so that I did.

I have so many other pictures from this evening, but if I posted all of them, the post would be way too long.

Today, I went for lunch with Nanna and Lilly because they're going to the festival so this was our last day together. We bought baguettes at French Frank's (one of our favourite places) and then frappucinos and brought them with us to the park where we sat for a while before going in shops. Writing this is making me emotional which I didn't expect, but I'm not that surprised. Today was the last time we hung out, for who knows how long, if you don't count Sunday when they are planning on coming to the ferry to say goodbye when I leave together with a few other students.

The next few days I am gonna have to pack all of my stuff, and hang out as much as possible with people. In less than a week I'll be back home in Sweden... speaking Swedish... thinking in Swedish... hanging out with people I've known for more than a year. I am looking forward to it, but at the same time I can't help but be sad about everything and everyone I'm leaving behind.



Before this year even started I had two cities that I said that I needed to visit; Brighton and Oxford. Yesterday I finally got to cross one of those cities of my list because we went to Brighton.

I went there with Maya, Ginni and Marit and in Brighton we met up with Theresa who is placed in Eastbourne. We spent some time in the shopping mall and then by the beach and the pier. We finished the day with walking through the lanes, before taking the train back. Brighton is a city that I would love to spend more time in, and hopefully I'll get the chance to do that some time in the future.

The girls before they went on the ride in the background. Maya was terrified, as you can see, but she loved it.



Monday to Friday last week I spent on another Discovery Tour with EF. This time it was in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Day 1

This time I got to fly from Southampton, so I met up with 5 other students, who are all placed in Poole, at Southampton Airport. The flight was delayed, and my seat was occupied, but we arrived in Belfast after all the trouble. Met up with Alice, Lukas and Emily there and had to wait to get picked up. When we arrived at the hostel and had gotten our rooms we went down to the lounge area and hung out there while waiting for food. The evening was spent talking and getting to know new people.

Paulina, Jakob, me, Sebastian, Sophie and Ole

Day 2

Day 2 started with a bus tour through the city centre and then a black taxi tour through other areas of Belfast where are taxi driver told us about the history of Belfast and how divided the people actually are. It was really interesting and kind of hard to believe. After that we ate lunch and then we spent a few hours at the Titanic museum. Back at the hostel we played card games and then we celebrated Ole's birthday by eating tacos and later cake and sweets. Before the cake we went to the Titanic docs for a paranormal tour.

Day 3

Day 3 was once again the day when we took a bus out of Belfast to see more of the nature. The first stop was Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge and the view there was truly beautiful. The walk to the rope bridge took a while, we had to wait in line to walk over the bridge and then we took a lot of pictures. After that we drove to Giant's Causeway which was another amazing place. We got given audio guides but non of the people I walked with used them because we talked and joked around instead.

Alice (Italy), Emily (Germany), me and Lukas (Italy).

Here you get to see how cool the stones are at the Giant's Causeway. There is a myth about how the causeway was made by the giant Finn McCool as a stepping stone to Scotland, but the scientific explanation is that it was formed over 60 million years ago by volcanic activity which resulted it the formation of hexagonal shaped basal columns (information taken from the back of a postcard I bought).

Day 4

We went to the Skytrek Adventure Park in Belfast and I spent a few hours being too afraid to do anything, so I spent the time talking to Timo and Lukas and watching everyone else both succeed and fail. In the afternoon we had free time so we played card games, pool and then we went out in town and I bought a tin whistle and souvenirs. The evening was spent bowling and then back at the hostel we played even more card games and pool.

Day 5

Woke up and had breakfast. Said goodbye to Alice (and yes, I was crying once again). We finished packing, said goodbye to all Irish students and then it was time for us to leave. I flew with the same people as to Belfast, with the exception that Lukas joined us. Back in Southampton I said goodbye to everyone and then I started my way back to the island.

​I'm finishing the post with a picture that Jakob took when we were walking back over the rope bridge. 



Last week Josefin came to stay with me for a few days. I went to Southampton to pick her up and we ate dinner at Nando's. The day after she came with me to school and then I introduced her to Ben and we hung out at his place for a while with Rosie. Ate dinner at home and then bought some sweets that we ate while spending the evening talking.

On the Friday we took the bus to the Needles, and spent some time there walking around and eating lunch. On the way back we jumped off the bus in Yarmouth and ate ice cream and just enjoyed the sun. For dinner we went to a Chinese restaurant and then we went to the cinema and watched Zootopia.

We started off the Saturday with a proper English breakfast at Phil's Diner. Or to be correct, I ate an English breakfast and she ate a vegetarian English breakfast. After that we took the bus out to Godshill, and visited the church and then Chocolate Island, which is heaven. After eating way too much, we took the bus back to Newport because I had to change shoes. Ryde Beach was our next stop, and once again we ate ice cream. Spent the evening at Rosie's, eating pizza, playing guitar and just hanging.

And then Sunday came, and we went to Southampton, not thinking about the fact that almost everything was closed because of Easter. So we spent some time in Burger King and then Starbucks, before we walked to the bus station and said goodbye.

This was a perfect start of the break, and I am so happy that she came to visit.​

During the walk by the Needles.

Yarmouth Pier, while eating ice cream.

And finally, a selfie from the bus. Janko and Jonko, finally together again <3