And not everyone will understand you. But those who do will never forget about you.

I'm not a very deep person when it comes to talking. When I speak to people I come up with a thousand ideas about smart, deep, ways to explain myself. But I don't use them. On the outside I mostly try to be happy and positive, while on the inside, I think a lot about life, the meaning of it, why, and what I am really supposed to do to make the world accept me.
They say that it's the inside that matters, but they still give us impossible beauty standards to live up too.

Nowadays, the beauty standars are completely crazy. I mean, google "perfect girl" or "tumblr girl" or "perfect body" or anything with "perfect" in front of it.
What you'll see is crazy, unreachable, photoshoped pictures. A human simply can't look like that.

The reason that I bring this up is because I just saw a add before a youtube video that made me so mad.
It was a video for kids and the add was basically FAT SHAMING. I mean, imagine s little kid happily eating candy and wanting to watch a video. You know, like kids do.
When the kid clicks on the video the add pops up and starts talking about what a SIN it is to weigh like 2 grams too much!
Suddenly, it's not enough to hear mom and dad tell them that their little angel looks pretty. Suddenly, the kid has to start eating less to feel self-worth.
It's awful.

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Hi people! Happy Easter everybody.

Yesterday I celebrated easter with my family, and we ate lots of delicious food and sweets. Sadly I didn't take any pictures.

Today we'll have another dinner together, woopwoop. There's always a billion of family dinners around Easter (and Christmas)

I'll leave in about four days, and I'm extremely happy :)
We'll have wifi, so I'll update you as often as possible.

Talk to you later!

- Astrid



Hey people! How are you this lovely tuesday? I had an amazing day until I saw someone I dislike with a deathly hallows necklace. I know I'ts riddiculous but I hate when people I dislike likes something I like. It's like I don't want to have anything in common with them.
However, when I got home from school I made scones, because of an enourmous craving. Scones are my life. They turned out really good, and I ate them with cheese, a tiny bit of jam, and tea. My friends say that I am born in the wrong country, and that I should be British, haha. Sometimes I kind of agree.

I'm not sure if I should write my blog in Swedish or English. I started to write in Swedish, but then decided to write in English because more people know English. We'll see.
I think that I'll go workout now, still not sure though.
See ya!

The last picture is just a picture of the beautiful walking path to school. It's really pretty.



The title is in French and means "It's beautiful weather"

It really is beautiful, it's warm, fresh, and the air is filled with the fresh smell that only appears after rain. I'm currently waiting for a slow bus, but there's no sign of it yet.




How did this happen? Honestly, I have no idea. I wont say that the past few months has been busy because that would be a lie. I really want to have a blog and write posts daily, but with me, nothing is for certain.

So, what has happened? To be honest, not much. I've turned 14 (yay) and I got a lot of books for my birthday.

Today in school I suddenly started to feel dizzy and sick so I had to visit the nurse, but that's basically the only thing that has happened.

Next week is spring/easter break, or as we in Sweden call it "Påsklov". I'll go to Edinburgh (The capital of Scotland) for a couple of days, and I'm so looking forward to it. I've been to London 5 times now, and I thought that maybe it would be fun to go somewhere else. I have been to Scotland a couple of times before, but the last time I was in Edinburgh was when I were 10 years old. It'll be so much fun to just see another city for a few days, and go shopping and eat nice food. I'm not sure if I'll have wifi or not there, we'll see.

Here are a couple of pictures of Edinburgh;

All pictures (except the last one, lol) are from google, they're not mine and I give 100% cred to the owners of them. So, the last picture is a picture of me (10 year old me, with a ponytail, I didn't have a short boyish haircut, even though it looks like that) in front of the elephant coffee. This is were my hero J.K Rowling began to write Harry Potter. Oh my god. For a Harry Potter fangirl like me, this is church.

See you later!​



Well, I think we all can agree on that. I have caught the flu (yay, congrats Astrid ._.).

So today I've been dying inside, checking instagram, blogs, and youtube. I really hate being sick.

The only "special thing I've done today was making a painting in my drawingpad. I'ts not one of my best paintings, but I'm still quite happy with how it turned out.

If you're wondering why it looks like someone has cut in the paper, it's because my camera is messed up. K, talk to you later! 🌟