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These are the surprises the Swedish weather gives you. After a dark, rainy and messy Saturday, the sun came out and no cloud was seen in the Uppsala skies. Weather -as you well know- is an issue of utmost importance here.

I had proposed at Stabby Gården to show my floral collages born during this year´s self-quarantine , while trying to avoid Corona. I called them and a week before Sunday 13th of this month they returned my call to tell me that I could show my series of collages that Sunday. So lucky me!! Quite stressy, but worth trying it.

You cannot imagine the nice people that came by, took the last coffee with "kanelbulle" from the summer season at Stabby Café and at the same time enjoyed my exhibition.

Here I am posting a few pics from that date and you can see how loveable the place is! Among other personalities, this was the former home of Nathan Söderblom, Archbishop of the Swedish Church in Uppsala during the beginning of the XXth century and Nobel Peace Prize in 1930. He lived in this house with his family from 1901 until 1912.

When you do something from the heart, succeess is guaranteed. I am fond of the Swedish flora and a warm follower of Carl von Linné and all his works. They were my inspiration for this exhibition.

Dress and scarf: Missoni, Italy/Shoes: Ecco of Denmark/Rings: Second-hand shops from Oranienstrasse, Berlin/Make-up: Lancome, Åhlens, Uppsala.