First of all: I promise to change my profile photo as soon as I can (no sun-glasses!)
Born in Uruguay, 64 years old, single and mom to a millennial daughter living in Berlin who is always inspiring me.
I am in love with Sweden, its people and how they keep it simple here.
My friends agree that I am something between Mary Kondo and Martha Stewart, because I am always seeking order and a perfect "mise-en-place", not only at the kitchen, but in every aspect of my life.
Testing and tasting new food-trends all the time. And I am kind of a "tsundoku" of cook-books (japanese word for "the art of buying, borrowing or collecting books and probably just browsing them").
Airbnb´s winning SuperHost medals for eleven times in a row.
Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupucture from Stockholm, Sweden.
Member of Linnes Vänner.

Instagram: @villangelita