Hi everybody!

She was part of our family during those wonderful fourteen years. And she welcomed you with a smile! Adopted from the town´s Animal Public Shelter when she was a few weeks old, she was the most kind, obedient (and very shy), calm and comprehensive female dog.

Giuliana was probably found on some street far away. I believe she never met her mother :(

Everybody loved her; Giuly helped us when guests came home at our B&b.

She passed away for two years ago on November 27th 2017. So sorry for making you a bit sad today in such a magical time like the Swedish Christmas, but I felt we had to remember her ...

Here she is with Jess, one of my daughter´s BFF. Jessi is a great tattoo artist in Berlin now. She is German, but raised by her grandparents in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Jess was fond of everyone´s Giuliana too.


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