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I usually have my breakfasts very early (6:30 am) and enjoy them a lot in peace. I feel very good drinking a ginger & lemon shot to start with and after 1/2 an hour a really healthy breakfast with some fresh fruit -blackberries, strawberries or apples are the ones my blood prefer.

Since Corona times, I take a fresh garlic clove daily too; it prevents from catching a flu I believe? In any case it shall not harm you if you dare to cope with its heat and smell afterwards. In my case I do not care at all.

Bread? I love the Swedish WASA! the crunchy-crunchy sound in my mouth from those rectangular, blessed dry breads from Sweden. I choose Wasa "frukost","råg," or the hardest "sport" one. Not more than 2 pieces each breakfast and if it´s going to be bread, I take dark and sourdough. White fresh cheese too.

The muesli I prepare myself with lots of different seeds, nuts, oats, honey and dried fruits (sorry for not publishing the recipe, but it belongs to the school kitchen where I work and I am not allowed ...).

The kitchen cloth is MARIMEKKO, Finland ; the small round empty bowl with green leafs is Kulinara, RÖRSTRAND, Sweden. All the rest is second-hand bargains from Erikshjälpen and Röda Korset, Uppsala.

And coffee, of course! today the tea was too black and ugly. Just watch it up here!!!

Ah, and last but not least: do not check your phone while having breakfast, please!!!