Today it´s a wonderful sunny Saturday; the snow is melting and it was perfect for a long walk along Berthåga, Stabby and over the fields before lunch. When I came back home I took a shot from my past week´s hit in Erikshjälpen: a few vintage butter knives -I believe from the 60-ties or 70-ties?; two small pieces of a joyful flower textile; an ICA cook-book with old dessert recipes (1947 and I cannot resist collecting old cook-books!!); a small empty tin box which I already filled with dried rose petals wraped in silk paper. The roses I picked and dried last summer in Uppsala and if you open the tin box the rose perfume invades the room!

All these objects take me to my childhood days at home far away in place and time. The cook-book smells like "mother". She used to bake a lot every day and was fond of desserts too. A different dessert after every lunch.

I really treasure all these things! How happy they make me feel.