A BERLINER CORNER with a simple"G"

It may be difficult to find, ´cause there is so little publicity for this restaurant/coffee shop. They don´t need any advertising; always full of happy customers who are locals coming back again and again. On top of the entrance door you shall see just a big and shaggy "G" (i.e: Goldberg) and nothing more!!

GOLDBERG BAR CAFE RESTAURANT $$ - at the corner of Reuterstraße 40 and Pflügerstraße, NEUKÖLLN - two blocks from the famous Landwehrkanal (take U8 -underground that goes from Wittenau to Neukölln)

Berlin is not quite my kind of city, though I must admit her surprises and corners are mostly awesome, cosy and original. Berlin is totally bohemian, shaggy and sometimes chic in it´s own way, quite dirty and you are constantly reminded of all the pain and suffering from her recent past history.

The spirit of Berlin is poor and hungry (you shall see people eating twenty-four/seven everywhere! Both winter and summer!). There has been much hunger, death and destruction here and the city survived divided in two different worlds from 1961 until 1989 by The Wall.

I know: you shall discuss with me, if you have been in Berlin as short-term tourist ... Berlin is in fashion; Berlin is interesting; Berlin is a great centre, but I am always back there for long periods of time and have curiously investigated almost every site I could (not necessarily the classical tour-sites, but the REAL Berlin). Therefore, I can affirm that Berlin is a "HEAVY" place!

Up here you see Golbergs´restaurant and coffee shop which I highly recommend if you are looking for German food, good beers and a wonderful staff. The style indoors is typical for a nonchalant Berliner and almost empty vintage 30-ties salon. You may read the daily press, chat with your neighbour table and sit for hours with your laptop.

At Golberg I had the best ApfelStrudel, choco cake and first dishes to match with beers in all Neukölln.

Goldberg, I miss you!!