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I´m back in my childhood. I feel like a small child quite keen on small wild animals, babies, cakes and cookies, hand-made dolls, bambies and old Hollywood Christmas songs. I remember the film "Benjamin Button" with Brad Pitt and I feel that way: as if the clock needles go backward. Strange, no? I enjoy the smell of cinnamon, clover, peppar, cardamon, ginger, double-cream, pines and glogg these days. So good old memories with all those who are no longer here; so sweet family Christmas traditions from my country and so wonderful past Swedish holidays too!!!

It will be a very lonely and quiet holiday this 2020, but there shall be more holidays to enjoy next year and the following years as well.

As I am not at home, I imagine that I light the four Advent candles in mi heart and I fancy a tall Christmas tree with all the vintage glass-lights we used to hang in my childhood home during the 50-ties and 60-ties. They were wonderful light garlands! Each light was a different figure: a Santa, a snowman, a candle, a street-light, a Rudolf, a cookie, a train. And I shall imagine my own green tree with the names of all the ones I love and all those I remember, written on some beautiful golden tags hanging from every branch.

Ps: this doll is from a hand-crafts boutique I visited in S:t Petersburg, Russia. I thought it matches perfectly with these holidays. I am very childish these days and I love small dolls and hope to see some snow in Uppsala on the 24th!!!

May you have a peaceful 4th Advent this Sunday.