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2nd Advent this Sunday

This 2nd Advent has been a rush for me. No time at all and quite tired from a hectic working week at the school kitchen trying to avoid Corona all of us. I have very little time left for posting both in blog and Instagram. Sorry!

This gingerbread cookie recipe I leave you down here is from a very old and traditional Swedish cook-book called "Hemmets Stora Kokbok" by Elise Adelsköld, Sigrid Westfelt and Ingeborg Zethelius from 1926. You may see the cover of the book among others in my photo.

I love old cook-books!

1/2 liter brown syrup

200 g sugar

100 g melted butter

3 eggs

8 cl. whole cream

850 g flour

1 tablespoon grated pomerans peel (or orange peel)

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp ginger powder

1 tsp ground cloves

1 stroken tsp bicarbonate
Cook the syrup, spices and sugar in a saucepan. Pour the batter into a bowl and when lukewarm add the butter, eggs, cream and the bicarbonate mixed with very little water. Then add theflour and work the dough thoroughly. Let it rest until the following day.Bake in a very hot oven until done.





Fina kokböcker