8 tips for securing your apartment while you are away

  • Here are 8 tips for how to secure your apartment or home while you are away on vacation.
  • 1.Have a Home Security System
  • Home security is absolutely crucial and there's many options to choose from, so make sure you opt for one that fits your house. Some home security systems even enable you to see live video remotely from your own phone, so that you can see what's happening in real time. This small investment is well worth your reassurance: Another good resource for Protecting your apartment while you are away: covesmart.com
  • 2. Continue to Maintain your Apartment
  • Do you have gardeners keep your lawn and landscaping up? Weekly visits by the pool man? Keep these schedules. They'll see if something is off, if homes are being staked out by any thief.
  • 3. Leave a Home key with a trusted individual
  • Even though you're able to place a hold on mail and newspapers, you can not predict when flyers are forgotten and most eccomerce orders will be left on your apartment landing. By having a trusted friend or relative stop by every day or 2, you can avoid sudden deliveries being left outside and also have normal routines (watering plants, bringing trash cans to the curb) completed. Do not forget to compensate them for their help!
  • 4. Stop the Mail and Stop the Newspaper
  • Yellowing newspapers piled in the driveway and fully stuffed mailboxes are dead giveaways that you are. If you don't have a friend or family member available to stop by your house while you're gone to bring in email and the paper, contact your paper service to prevent deliveries and fill out a form.
  • 5. Go Radio Silent on Social Media:
  • It's well-known you shouldn't advertise vacations online (or anywhere, for that matter) before taking off your trip, but perhaps even more importantly is double-checking your social media sites to ensure your address is not readily available to anyone searching for it. Delete any articles, party invites, or Facebook events which could include your phone number as well and connect a phone number to an address!
  • 6. Put your valuables in a safe
  • Any run-of-the-mill thieve knows to check the bedroom first for valuables, so get a tiny safe and keep them secure. Place valuables somewhere unusual like bathroom closet or a kitchen pantry in an container if shelling out money for a safe isn't an option.
  • 7. Advertise your apartment security system
  • Using a safety system will definitely deter burglars promote it! Post these stickers near side doors off your garage, in addition to your evident and accessible entry points like your front and rear door. You may also buy a pack of stickers if you haven't been able to implement your security system before your next trip.
  • 8. Secure your garage door
  • It is no secret that motivated or experienced offenders can readily hack, especially technology. Garage door openers (depending on which brand they are) may sometimes be opened by universal remotes, so be proactive! Disengage your garage door opener and opt for a manual lock.
  • These 8 tips Should help you secure your apartment the next time that you are away. Some people believe that an apartment can not be a home. But while an apartment is not owned by you, it can still be home and it can still protect your valuables when you are away on a vacation, spring break, or some other adventure.