Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a good day, today has been very interesting. We had a lecture today about honor-murder and honor-related violence. It was very interesting.

I realized that I don't really know much about it and it really opened my eyes, made me think a lot. 🌸

Also I have started knitting on my third pair of socks. 😍 These ones are going to be grey. ^^
Not 50 shades of grey though 😉 I made an open Instagram account where I will upload stuff I knit mostly. :3
and for my friends I know that don't have Instagram, you should be able to see what I upload. ^^

Click here to come to that page! For my friends and followers that do have Instagram can give it a follow!
This week I have school, so I have to be there Monday - Friday xD
Only tomorrow I get to study from home since I can't come on the activity they are doing outside. D:
I will be writing on my exam and knit all day probably. 😁

Haven't knitted too far yet though but they are going to be so pretty! 😍