Still Alive!

I'm soo sorry for being away for so long.
A lot of things has happened since I last wrote here. ^^

I've moved away from the city and I don't have to hear ambulances, police etc every day.
I'm closer to nature and it's more calm here and I love it!
I have jobs now, 2 so far. Maybe I'll get more if I need more hours.
Love the apartment also, it's gorgeous! <3
The only negative thing about living here is that my friends and family is further away,
but since I'm working now I'm going to put away money to get my damn drivers license!! xD

​I feel a lot better now when I don't live so close to the chaos.. 
Feel more motivated, happy, more energy and more like myself! ^-^
When I've looked around here more and get to know some more roads I'm definitely going to start walking more.
But now since I'm still learning to find my way around I haven't been doing that too much!

Got some new pretty shoes, going to put up a picture when I remember! They are comfy and adorable! *-* <3

Until next time! :3 buh bye! :D